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A Touch of Midnight

A Touch of Midnight - Lara Adrian **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog

REVIEW:There is something about the Midnight Breed Series that keeps me coming back for more. A Touch of Midnight is Gideon & Savannah’s story. The one story I always wondered how it started and now that I got to see the how it all happened and I was not disappointed.

Gideon is one of the hottest and sweetest of the breed and the geek of the order. This story takes place years before the order real and biggest enemies brought chaos to the order. We get to meet a very young Savannah, a college student with an uncanny ability. I like to have gotten a glimpse into Gideon’s years before he met Savannah, he was an active warrior, one that would go out to hunt rogue vampires and one whose ability was as dangerous as his fighting skills.

The story was short, but one get to enjoy in full the romance between these two characters. There is a good back story, but no unnecessary fill ins so be ready to experience their romance right away. The story moves fast and I am OK with that, the idea is for the reader to learn how these two characters met, how their love evolved and how they came to be the great couple they are today. I really enjoyed the story and I highly recommend it.