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The Silver Chain

The Silver Chain - Primula Bond **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog

REVIEW: At times I buy a book or request it from NetGalley just because of the title, though most times it is the cover that does it for me, The Silver Chain was about both. The title as well as the book cover seduced me into requesting the book for a review.

The Silver Chain is the story of Gustav and Serena, the story of how both troubled souls came together looking for someone to heal them, love them and protect them. I admit to have had high expectations for this book, and how can you not when you read the blurb. Gustav & Serena’s story seem to have all the elements I look for in an erotica novel. Having said that, The Silver Chain doesn’t necessarily delivers everything I expected to find. The plot follows the path of how Senera’s terrible childhood defined her as an adult and an artist. She was found on the stairs of a church and adopted by people who would later hate her guts. Gustav on the other hand live a privileged life, rich, powerful and handsome.

While both characters had their share of drama, the intensity in which both characters suffered can only be measured by the pain they carried with them. Serena now an adult has trust issues, is resentful and doubtful. After years of his divorce from his wife, Gustav still aches after her betrayal and decides to guard his heart and become a control freak. This story starts slows and flow slowly, while it isn’t certain how old Gustav is, it is somewhat understood that he was in his late 30s and early 40s. He is mysterious, with good taste, and owns an art Gallery. The day he meets Serena he is enthralled by her young, tomboyish beauty. Serena is in her early 20s, a young photographer who found a way to bring and expose the shadows and lights into shapes that seduce and entice the viewers. After escaping her troubled past, she moved to London hoping to start anew, fresh and with a new perspective. That’s when she meets the mysterious, handsome and sinfully sexy Gustav.

Though I think these two characters had a good sexual chemistry, I don’t think their chemistry went beyond that. Both characters have had a broken spirit and heart but even when one is willing to give things a shot the other seems kin to sabotage the relationship. I’ll admit to have gotten confused at times, lost and bored. There isn’t much action, there is a lot of sexual tension but nothing major that could keep the reader glue to the pages. I enjoyed the seduction, I enjoyed the promise of a tumultuous and ravenous sexual encounter, but there the story lacked depth. I would’ve liked to see a lot more drama, more intimidation, the mystery behind Gustav’s ex-wife was only a mystery for so long before it got boring. I was expecting a more shocking, and mouth gaping confession but didn’t get one. I will read the next book in the series but just because I felt curiosity about Pierre.