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Convicted - Aleatha Romig **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog

REVIEW: When I was first introduced to the Consequences series by a fellow blogger I was very excited not only because it came highly recommended, but because I was promised to have my mind blown away (actually she used term “mind fuck”). As soon as I got the book, I put every other book I was reading on the side and started Claire’s journey into the world of Consequences.

Now that I have read Convicted I feel completed, yet drained, exhausted but oh so happy. Convicted is the conclusion of the Consequences Trilogy, the final book that brings it all together, the final draw where the Consequences are known, the Truth has already been exposed and the Conviction is faced. I can’t put into words how much I loved this trilogy, saying I love it doesn’t cut it, it fascinated me, it sucked me in, it rattled me and it put me back together.

The reader is brought into a journey along with the characters, the plot sucks you in, it takes you for a wild ride that drills deep in your heart and emotions. We saw these characters grow and mature, others showed their true colors, giving us a way into their thoughts, their desires and plans. The manipulations, the suffering, the reactions, the constant mental and psychological abuse makes this story HOLLYWOOD material. Aleatha Romig is a master mind, her ability to create characters with such much passion, desires and emotions is fantastic. The reader experiences Claire’s pain and her rough encounter with deceit, her inability to trust those she once loved, her awakening and experiences with Tony & Harry and of course her transformation from once a victim to a manipulator. Romig’s characters felt like every day people, people you may have for friends, people you heard news about and people you may want to know. I loved every one of the characters, I was a Tony fan from day one, not because of his looks but for his ability to make the reader react to his manipulations, Claire though we don’t think of her as a strong woman is perhaps the strongest character of this series.

This series has it all, deceit, drama, psychological abuse, abuse, lies, manipulation, crime, love and tons of passion. I love every single word and page of this book, there is nothing I would love more than to be able to get into Tony’s head and learn his thoughts. I can’t wait to read more from Aleatha, she has manage to create a story like no other, her trilogy sets boundaries and expectations that not many other authors will be able to surpass. Tony and Claire have my heart and Aleatha Romig has my devotion!

NOTE: Author requested that reviews be done without spoilers, so I can’t say more without giving something away for that reason I have kept my review lite but precise. Don’t delay, get the Consequences Series now and have your mind blown by an amazing and unique story with fantastic characters and an unexpected villain.