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Gargoyle Addiction

Gargoyle Addiction - Livia Olteano **Originally posted @ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5 **

REVIEW: My my, I am overwhelmingly happy about Gargoyles Addiction. I can’t begin to tell you how much I liked this book. First of, I am late posting this review thanks to work overload but I hope Giselle & the author forgive me for my lateness.

Now back to the review, Gargoyles Addiction is a great story. It has been a while since I read a paranormal book that kept me glued to the pages and fascinated with the world and characters. The plot is original and fascinating, I have never read a story about gargoyles as the main characters and thanks to Gargoyles Addiction I am addicted. I loved it, the story unfolds around Kann & Karla. Karla’s life hasn’t been easy or happy, not knowing why her family never made it past 35 she always new that her time would come. She harbored a powerful nature, a nature she wasn’t aware of. Feeling cursed by a promise of an early death Karla never attempted to have anything serious or long term, she loved her friends and the few people she had left around her. That’s until she meets/summons Kann the hot, sexy, and brutal Gargoyle.

Kann is one of those characters who you can’t help but love from the moment they are presented in the story. He is sexy, funny, cheeky and quite sexual, his ability to bring Karla to her knees is just as strong as Karla’s passion and power. His plan starts to take shape the moment he meets her, finding her different, passionate, beautiful while waking something in his heart that he has never felt before, he knew this wasn’t just a summoner & gargoyle’s connection, it went beyond that, it went as far as shaping their lives together.

I loved how well these characters connected, their banter, their dialog and interaction was funny, cute, and passionate. I found myself laughing, and my heart jumping from excitement. This is a nicely written, detailed and sexy read that I can’t get out of my head. I am addicted to Kann and I can’t wait to get more. The world building, the description, the explorations and the sexual tension is just one of the things I liked about it. The author did a good job defining these characters, bringing us closer to their needs and desires. I enjoyed learning about the gargoyles laws, their nature and their ways. Nicely detailed and sexy, I liked everything about it and I think I will add Livia Olteano to the list of authors to keep an eye on.