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Slow Seduction - Cecilia Tan **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog**

REVIEW: If you have followed this blog for some time, you have realized by now that I am a big fan of independent, strong-minded and smart mouthy heroines. Cecilia Tan does not disappoint, she first introduced us to Karina in Slow Surrender. Now in Slow Seduction Karina has traveled to London in search of James, the man who has awaken her desire and need for submission.

I give it to Mrs. Tan, she has given us a more secure and mature Karina, one that isn’t afraid to explore and experience. She has kept Karina’s spunky personality, but has made her a more mature woman who is able to express and say things exactly as she feels them. However, we have met a more elusive and secretive James, a lot more than before, his running has only sparked questions that I am sure will be left unanswered and though we have a vague idea of his reasons for running, I can’t help but wonder if there is a bigger and darker reality to his unexpected departure.

Slow Seduction is pretty much dedicated to Karina’s exploration and seduction into a world of pleasure, submission and hard-core sexual experiences. We are also introduced to sexy, dark and sinful characters such as Damon George a rich and egotistical man who promise unimaginable pleasures. I think overall Slow Seduction has delivered a good follow-up story, and it has given us another taste of the world Karina has wanted to experience, though it is not necessarily what she wants, it has however allowed her to question her feelings and desires. Is it James she loves or the raw sensuality she experiences with him, is it what she feels for him or what he has accomplished to make her feel, is it love or what he has awaken inside her.

I am looking forward to the next installment and I am hopeful we get to see a more involved and giving James, because let’s be honest, he is secretive, sensual, kinky and that is the perfect combination to make him in all counts a hot character. I would like to see a lot more action between Karina & James, I want to be transported to the world where Slow Surrender took us, passion, sex, submission & pain.

Their chemistry is key and their romance is hot, if Cecilia Tan keeps the spark I think the trilogy would be a hit. Karina & James are likeable characters, and though there seem to be a lack of character development, I think if we are given a more emotional, raw and transcendental love story I think one can look past that small detail. Overall, Slow Seduction is a good read, it kept me looking for the next experience and the possibility of Karina & James reunion.