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Lover at Last

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward **Originally posted @ReadingDiva's Blog 3.5 ***

REVIEW: It has taken me a long time to come to terms with his book, and it has taken me even more time to write this review, it is not that I hated the book, because I didn’t, I just have so many mixed feelings about it that it has stopped me from writing it.

Lover At Last is the story of Qhuinn & Blay and one that readers were looking forward to. It is not surprise, Ward has a great ability to create stories and characters that fill us with love, desire and dread. Lover At Last is not different from the other books in the series, there is plenty angst, action and fights to keep the reader entertained. We finally get to experience the estranged relationship between Qhuinn and Blay. These two characters have been struggling with their feelings for a long time but in this book we get to finally see their conflicts, fights and struggles turn into something very different and beautiful.

Qhuinn has gone through hell, he has never been able to experience happiness because of the many things he has been forced to experience since childhood, his imperfection condemned him to a family who did not love him, it marked him for life making him doubtful, yet strong and stubborn. While I was quite happy to see them struggle and come to terms with their feelings, I was also surprised to see how easy Ward made it seem, Qhuinn has been portrait all this time as a man who has set his own path and haven’t allow fate to do it for him.

Qhuinn finally experiences what loves is all about, conflictive emotions, suffocating feelings, unfounded jealousy and a raging need for the person he loves. I loved their story, the way Qhuinn fought his way around discovering what his feelings were telling him.

The other stories running rampant were just there to fill in the space between scenes which I don’t mind. They weren’t as fulfilling as the story of Qhuinn & Blay but they weren’t any less entertaining. I am not going to deny to have felt as if new characters were taking over the stage (Assail & Sola) however their interaction was not less interesting. I think overall Lover At Last was a great story though I would’ve liked to see the end taking shape slowly, I felt it was a bit rushed but it was great nevertheless. I got what I wanted to see and I am satisfied. Ward did a good job, I am looking forward to The King.