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Crashing Into You

Crashing Into You - B.D. Rowe ***Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog***

REVIEW: Crashing Into You is a story of second chances. Sydney has had a crush for her roommate’s boyfriend since she can remember, she has loved him since she first saw him and has dreamed for him, yearn for him and crave for him even though she knows it is wrong. Sydney’s car accident has left more than physical scars, it has left her scared and unable to enjoy her life. After the car accident in which her boyfriend and 2 other people perished, Sydney has been living a life of fear, and avoidance.

This story like many other in the genre revolves around the main character’s ideal young man, the guy who she crushes for a while but can’t have for one way or another. Evan is friendly, sweet, a good boyfriend to her roommate Melanie. However, that doesn’t stop Sydney from wanting him for herself. Evan is everything she has dream on a guy, he is dreamy and sexy, sweet and caring yet she knows that her feelings may never be reciprocated. Sydney is in college and though her past hunts her she does everything possible to live a normal life.

B.D Rowe wrote a story that represents many young people’s lives and a story young people can easily relate to (with the exception of a few things). I am not an advocate of stealing your friend’s boyfriend but in the name of love and war almost everything is allowed. Sydney is young, and pretty much your average college student. She is pretty and social or at least try to be. however, there is nothing special about her. Though I liked Sydney I can’t say I was able to relate to her character. Her maturity at times comes as a let down, not because of her inability to move on after her car accident that I totally understand, but for her inability to realize and admit her feelings for her friend’s boyfriend were wrong and should’ve never act upon. I like her sense of responsibility, and her ability to learn from previous mistakes.

I liked Evan, I think he was pretty much perfect. The guy couldn’t break a sweat even if he wanted. Other characters such as Lukas are also very likeable and add variety to the story. Overall this was a nice story, which I think is borderline young adult rather than new adult. It has a lot of unnecessary details in some aspects but lack in others. The relationship between Sydney and Evan felt a bit under developed and just filled with Sydney lust for Evan, I wanted to see more passion and less unnecessary drama.