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Crash into You

Crash into You - Katie McGarry **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: You know you are in trouble when every aspect of a character’s life and situation calls to you. When I first read Pushing The Limits & Dare You To and now Crash Into You by Katie McGarry I knew I had discovered a gem.

Each of these books has a heart breaking story that touches one heart and adheres into every corner of one’s soul. Crash Into You is the 3rd book in the Pushing The Limits Series and I hope it isn’t the last. This story as the other of the series brings us situations that are easy to relate to and though we may not have experience life in such troublesome way we can in fact feel connected to it. There is something about this story in particular that speaks to me, each of these characters live a raw reality that either makes them or breaks them. Each of these characters has a compelling voice and that is perhaps what makes Crash Into You such a fantastic story.

Crash Into You is the story of Isaiah Walker, the friend, the brother and the man. His story has been building slowly, preparing us for this powerful and heart wrenching episode of what is his life. We first met Isaiah on Pushing The Limits, the faithful friend, the brother and confidant of Noah. His story and reality was not much different from that of his friends yet it didn’t necessarily make it any less extraordinary and painful.

Isaiah keeps secrets that may either destroy him or free him. For a long time he has loved Beth, the girl who has come to rely on him for everything, never judging or asking for too much until the day she meets her true love. The pain he feels and sense of betrayal pushing him into actions that soon determine his future and the future of his heart once he meets Rachel.

The characters are fantastically developed without being over done . The plot feels real, as if taken from the life of an everyday teenager. The dysfunctional friendship and relationship that exist between Beth and Isaiah mark their future, it is strong yet it comes as a test for the two of them. This story tells us what life is all about, it is filled with indecision, with mistrust, with choices, with heart breaking situations and love. It also shows us that life gives you options and choices, from which we must make the appropriate and at times very difficult decisions. It also shows us and that we all have a path in life, but it is our decision to walk that path and stick to it.

This story grips at the heart, you will cry with them, you will laugh with them and you will certainly fall in love with them. These characters are mature, yet they maintain the essence of a teenager, with their troubles & indecision. Katie McGarry has proven to be a fantastic author; her ability to craft real like characters has won her a spot in my heart and in the heart of many. She has certainly proven that YA don’t have to be boring and that YA characters don’t always have to be flat. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. If the next book is anything like Crash Into You I am already sold!