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Fire & Flood - Victoria Scott **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog**

REVIEW: When I won an advance copy of Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott I knew I was in for a treat. Victoria Scott has become one of my favorite YA authors, she has the ability to bring her characters to life while creating a world full of adventure, compassion and love. Fans of The Hunger Games will enjoy Fire & Flood.

Fire & Flood is the first book in the the series of the same name. This time around Scott takes us into the world that is full of deceit, lies, friendship, gain and lose. Though I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I started reading this book I knew that I would enjoy it.

Fire & Flood is not exactly set in a post-apocalyptic world/society. The world is revolving and going its “normal” ways without being directly affected by what lies behind this crazy and intense competition created by a man whose loss and pain made him a monster. There will be many who will try to compare Fire & Flood with other books in the same genre but, it is fair to say that they are set to happen in quite different type of societies & times. There is not oppression of the masses, nor there is a government that dictates how you live, however there are things that go beyond the control of those involved.

What readers should Expect from this book…

Amazing settings, where characters must prove their worth, their wits and strength. Wild beats, friendship, crazy competition and challenges that go beyond what any person could withstand.
Exotic and lush jungles that makes you want to be there. Action and aggression and strong language. Suffering, pain and all you can think of, these characters go through a lot of hardship. Their future depends on their ability to win. Over the course of the story one gets to see how deep and how human most of the characters are. Their feelings and emotions are nicely explore giving the reader a glimpse into their thoughts and heart. Many of the character will leave a stamp on the readers, other will only be part of the story overall without leaving a print. While I prefer stories with a lot of focus on the character, I think Fire & Flood made its mark by giving us an engaging, thrilling and descriptive story that resonates.
Everything about this story/trilogy is addictive. The characters, the plot and the setting which is nicely detailed without focusing too much on the surroundings but giving the reader enough so that they can create an accurate picture of the different locations.

Fire & Flood deserves its merits without comparison. The characters are likeable, the challenges thrilling and the plot engaging. Victoria Scott is on her way to becoming the queen of YA!