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The Professional: Part 2

The Professional: Part 2 - Kresley Cole **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog

REVIEW: There is no preamble needed. The Professional is addictive & sexy. By now I can only assume you have read The Professional Part 1. If so, you have already been introduced to the dangerous and sinfully sexy Siberian. If you think Part 1 was a great start then you will be quite pleased to know Part 2 is a fantastic continuation.

As we reached the end of Part 1 we know that Natalie is in for a treat, she has discover more than she bargain for, her life has changed in more than one way, her life has been altered by the knowledge of who her father is and now that she has accepted who she is and where she come from her new life starts.

While we know The Siberian has shaken Natalie to the core we also know that Filip has been keeping an eye on her. Things are changing and Natalie is adapting while learning about her father’s life and planning for the future. Now in The Professional Part 2 Nathalie fights her feelings, not knowing exactly what she craves more, his kisses or his body.

“This need I have for you…it should unsettle you.” I swallowed. It did. Still I asked, “Why?” He pressed his palm against mine, studying our hands for nerve-racking moments. “Because it unsettles even me.”

The sexual highs the Siberian gives Natalie have not only make her weak in ways she would’ve never considered but it has also open her eyes to a world of pleasure she has never experience before, making her question her ability to keep away from him while wondering about the possibility of a forever but also questioning the rules that have existed in the world she now lives.

“There is a need inside me – it’s like a beast that howls. I need to do things to you. I need to control you, command you, punish you. In order to madden you.”

“If you want it back, then beg for it.”

“Who owns you?”
“You own me.”

“I’d once imagined hat I would be surrendering something when I lost my virginity. With Aleksandr Sevastyan, I might have surrender… everything.”

The Professional Part 2 brings so much excitement to the table, the sexual tension between Sevastyan & Natalie is explosive, their sexual escapades are as hot as molting lava, and the secrecy and danger behind the family crime makes this serial all around sexy, suspenseful and melting hot. While Natalie try to come to terms with what she is feeling for the Siberian, her life is in danger. The life she has now become part of can easily turn into hell. A bounty has now been placed on her head and her life is in danger, making her new-found happiness short-lived. Her world is turned apart when death comes knocking.

Kresley Cole has done it again, her ability to create complex, sexy & funny characters is incomparable. She gives us an interesting plot that keeps readers glued to the pages while giving us steamy hot romance that makes us crave and squirm.

“Just so we’re clear — you’re talking about having sex with only one guy for your entire life.”
“It sounds so bad when you put it like that. How many guys have you slept with, Jess? Really.”

There are funny moments, there are undeniable sweet moments and nail-biting moments. I am obsessed with The Siberian, I am craving it and I can’t wait to read Part 3. The suspense is addictive, the characters likeable and the drama palpable. I found my new addiction, and it comes in the shape of a hot and sexy Siberian.

If you enjoy sexy, detailed and steamy romance with a hint of suspense and drama then the Game Maker series is the series for you. It has all the necessary ingredients to make you melt, squirm and cry for more.