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Last Blood

Last Blood - Kristen Painter **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5**

REVIEW: The Last Blood, book #5 in the House of Comaree series did not disappoint. It starts right where Out For Blood ends and back is all the drama, the conflicts, the betrayal and romance. I loved each and every one of the books in the series. The story of Chrysebelle & Mal has all the aspects I love in an Urban Fantasy book.

From the first book to the last Kristen Painter manages to create a world that puts your imagination to work. Last Blood is the culmination of the House of Comaree series and as I expected the kick-ass action was non-stop. After Mal’s feelings for Chrysebelle were ripped away from him, Mal’s hate and desire to eliminate Chrysebelle increased. His hunger kept calling for him to drink her and kill her while Chrysebelle’s hope to get Mal’s back never faltered.

The world author Kristen created is amazing, the fights for survival and love were non-stop. What I like most about Kristen’s writing style is that she isn’t shy when it comes to eliminating key characters. I like that she keeps a sense of tension and uncertainty in the story which in terms evokes angst and strong emotions. Her characters are engaging, strong and very likeable. She is creative and her ability to create heartfelt situations is fantastic.

House of Comaree is one hot and entertaining Urban Fantasy series that I think everyone should read. It has everything you would expect from an exciting and entertaining series, great characters, an unique plot, and villains that will do anything possible to get things their way. I love the kick ass fights, the romance that develops over time and the promise of a never ending love that will make your heart melt.

If you are looking to add Urban Fantasy to your reading list for 2014 I highly recommend the House of Comaree.