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The Professional: Part 1

The Professional: Part 1 - Kresley Cole **Originally posted @ SinfulReads.com** Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: Kresley Cole has a knack for writing great prologues. I am a huge fan of her and now that she has made the crossover to New Adult I am static. I was frantic to get my hands on The Professional, throughout this review you will see why I can’t deny or hide my enthusiasm.

The Professional Part 1 introduces us to Natalie, a mouthy, funny and intelligent young woman who sees men as a way to escape but who has never been very incline to follow through with them until her eyes fall on him. Natalie has been searching for her parents and though she feels she is very close, the information she has been trying to get comes to a dead end. In an attempt to break the norm and have a little fun she approaches a man she hasn’t seen before, responding to her friends rant and games she agrees to approach the man who has just caught her eyes, not knowing that it would be the beginning of an unbelievable new life.

One of the reasons why I like Kresley Cole’s writing style is because she doesn’t waste time on unnecessary details and dialog. She give us the needed details to spark interest and curiosity, while providing us interesting and engaging dialog, making us feel like part of the story. Her ability to create sexy, intelligent and likeable characters is undeniable.

Alexei Sevastyan has been watching Natalie from a distance, keeping his eyes on her while Natalie is unaware of his presence. The Siberian is on assignment and his assignment just got hotter when he sees her at that bar. I couldn’t help but enjoy the mystery behind Alexi (The Siberian), the sensuality of his nickname and the danger that he exudes. I have always liked names that give the sense of danger and power, The Siberian did it for me, not just because I loved his nickname, but because he is a total hunk.

Natalie has the personality I like to see in heroines. She is realistic, audacious and very adaptable. I enjoyed her ability to make me laugh out loud, she is like no other character you might’ve read lately. What I enjoyed the most about her character is how atune she is with the fact she is attracted to The Siberian, her ability to adapt to her new life and how she keeps herself reminded that her goal is to not just enjoy her new life and not forget of her old one, but she is also very much setting herself to make The Siberian crave for her. I think she is sexy, smart and all around great.

I am enamored with this series already, I think this is a fantastic introduction to The Professional Serial and I can’t wait for the part 2. Kresley Cole made the crossover easily and she has proven to be able to make a big entrance. Nicole & Alexei are my two favorite new adult couple!