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Review: The King by Tiffany Reisz

The King - Tiffany Reisz

REVIEW: My favorite Erotic Romance writer Tiffany Reisz is a genius. She continues to amaze me with her sinful, smart, complex yet funny and amazing stories. This time she gives us The King – Kingsley beginnings. How he came to be the King of kink but not without showing us first the broken heart and amazing life of a man we have come to lust after. Kingsley is my favorite character after Søren and a character that has proven to have been the master mind behind the most exclusive kink club in Manhattan.

The King introduces us to a young Kingsley, a man who pushed himself to do things in the name of love and self-preservation. The King is almost an exploration of what pushed Kingsley to become The King of kink. This story takes us back to when Kingsley was 28 years old, rough and plagued with memories of torture and love, an anger so deep that blind his heart while also giving his heart a purpose. I love every aspect of this story, it slowly explains many things we have always wonder about Kingsley, his refrain from forming attachments, his reluctance to fall in-love and his inability to put aside his raw and undeniably sexy desires.


The King didn’t become who he is by mistake nor by chance, his life from the moment Søren left to the moment he return to Kingsley is filled with angst, suffering, seduction, play and  a lot of sex.  While we get to see a whole different man, the 28-year-old Kingsley is far from typical. With the looks of a model and the sex drive of a bunny he exudes danger and raw pleasures. I loved every bit of Kingsley as a younger man. He never strays far from his need of raw pleasures of sex and pain and that’s exactly why it makes him one of my favorite character. Though we get to see a very vulnerable King we also get to see him wear his love for Søren on his sleeves. The story goes into more details of what happened to Kingsley during his time in the French Foreign Legion, his tortured after being capture, his suffering and his PTSD that brought him to his knees. All of that suffering and dark moments is what made him the man he later become. It is hard to see a character who exudes so much power being brought to his knees by pain and suffering from past tortures & experiences.


The beauty in this story is that not one of the characters mentioned become irrelevant, every one of them has a role and makes an impact in Kingsley life. Their time as part of Kingsley’s life served a purpose and taught him lessons, from loving them to ruin them they entwined in ways not many authors can convey. I love the complications, the betrayal, the seduction and the sex, there is not an aspect of this story that makes it typical. Reisz has found the way to give us a deep and raw story of a man who devoted his life to offer others the beauty of pleasure and pain.


If you are yet to read any of Tiffany Reisz books I must make you aware you are missing out. Her stories combine amazing characters and plot that are unique to her writing. She draws the reader to feel and experience the characters needs and desires in ways that not many authors can manage to carry out. Cross to the dark side of The Original Sinners and I promise you will love this wild ride.

Source: http://sinfulreads.com/early-review-the-king-by-tiffany-reisz