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The Martian by Andy Weir

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The Martian - Andy Weir

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REVIEW: Would you believe me if I tell you I have had The Martian in hand since the fall of 2013 (2013 #NYCC – ARC) and just this month I decided to read it. It isn’t because I didn’t care for it, it was just because as usual I got distracted by other books. OK, let’s move onto what I think of the book.

The Martian is an amazing story of survival, I am sure you have heard that many times by now. It is in fact the simplest yet most amazing survival story I have ever read/watch. I enjoyed every aspect of this book, from the descriptions & settings to the ingenuity of the story and characters themselves. The simplicity in which the author wrote this book, and how easy the words find their way into your heart is simply flawless.

Do not think of The Martian as a science fiction masterpiece, because it isn’t. It is however an amazing story that seems written from the experiences of a man who survived it, the language, the actions, the descriptions at times feel as if Weir is narrating something he has been told. The certainty in which his story flows brought me to laughter, to tears and the emotion behind the main character Mark Watney is what I love the most about The Martian.

To add to my review I decided to go watch the movie, I was not disappointed. Matt Damon did a fantastic job – not only was he able to give us a vivid representation of what Mark Watney was going through but he also seem to have put his heart into it. I enjoyed this adaptation thoroughly.

I can’t recommend this book enough, from the simplistic way in which it was written to the funny and human ways in which these characters react to adversity. The Martian also teaches us a lesson, perseverance, faith and survival is what makes us human. The need to live one more day, to experience life to the fullest and to love who we are, and what we do regardless of where the latter take us. The Martian is indeed a masterpiece that can’t hardly be compare to anything I have ever read.

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