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The Bourbon Kings by J. R. Ward

The Bourbon Kings - J.R. Ward

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REVIEW: The Bourbon Kings is the latest book in Ward’s collection , it is perhaps one of my favorite of 2015 thus far. I enjoyed every aspect of this book, from the history behind the families to the romance that awakens the heart and shaken one’s soul. Ward has written a fantastic story about a family’s legacy, about money and deceit, how it passes from one generation to another,  giving the reader every aspect of its history and the dark side of money and power.


From the moment I started reading I felt transported to a southern Downton Abby. From the charm that exudes from the story, to the description of grandeur and luxury in every page. The Bradford family is one of the most powerful bourbon makers in the world and their fortune has no limits. There isn’t anything or anyone who can tarnish their name and their power, that’s until Williams Bradford does the inconceivable.  There is so much to say about this story, the plot flows beautifully. It explores the dealings of a man whose motives are unknown but whose power has no match. His control over the bourbon empire is massive. His position of power over one of the biggest wealth in the country as well as the power over his family is unparalleled, not only does he dominates with fear but he has almost managed to removed anything and anyone who stands in his way.


The story is brilliantly plotted, as the story flows, we get closer and closer to these characters. Lane is not your typical billionaire. I expected to find a character that was egotistical, power hungry and irreverent. What I found, a man who wear his emotions on his sleeve, a man of certain integrity, a man who loves deep and strong. The story is fantastically paced, it gathers speed and dread until the very last page.


The Bourbon Kings doesn’t fall from Ward’s original writing style, it is descriptive, intense, realistic. However, this time around her writing seems a bit richer, it posses the formality that isn’t always visible or experienced in her writing. Though the romance comes with its own history it doesn’t lack intensity and angst. I like how Ward explores these characters, exposing their feelings and emotions in ways that one can relate. Ward makes these characters vulnerable without taking away their strong and independent nature, she gives them a natural and real feel that compels the reader to love them.


I liked Lizzy, she is independent, caring, responsible and stubborn. I think those are traits I have come to enjoy about Ward’s characters. Lizzy isn’t perfect by any means and that’s perhaps what I enjoyed the most, her virtues are those of any other human being, but along with those traits & virtues come indecision. Since the past seem to be repeating itself Lizzy takes upon herself to help the man she loves, not without first going through indecision & a ton of misunderstandings.


Overall, The Bourbon Kings is a hell of a great story, one that will not disappoint. If you are looking for deceit, family drama and dirty deeds look no further, The Bourbon Kings is all you need to read.


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