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Manwhore by Katy Evans

Manwhore - Katy Evans

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REVIEW: Manwhore is the first book I read by Katy Evans, after reading so many good things about her writing I decided to start my adventure with Manwhore.

Manwhore is the story of a playboy, a guy that has it all. He has money, he had the looks, and the women. It is also the story of  Rachel, a young woman trying to make her way into a fierce and struggling business of publishing. I have read a good share of rich playboys in need of fixing and in need of love.


Manwhore doesn’t fall far from that bandwagon, the story follows the struggles of a young journalist, a woman who is trying to find her way in the world of news, but since competition is fierce she has to reinvent herself. She works at a magazine that is in trouble, almost at risk of closing its business. Their idea of reinvention and their only way to maintain the edge needed to keep the business open is to do a full expose′ about the hottest player Chicago has to offer.


The story flows as the characters struggle with their reality. Rachel for one seems to enjoy what she does, she loves writing but feels she needs more in order to establish herself as a respectable writer.  Her break comes in the form of an expose′, her chance, the one thing that will guarantee her break and the magazine’s only chance to surviving their rival, the only chance it has to maintaining their business afloat. As the story flows we experience Rachel’s reluctance to taking this new assignment, her fears take over her rationale but at the same time it exposes her need to know, her need to investigate and explore. After going over the reasons why this is her only chance she accepts the assignment but not without some apprehension.


As far as characters go, Saint is pure sin. His looks and his power have given him the ability to always getting what he wants, nothing stands in the way of  what he wants and he doesn’t shy from taking it if necessary. I think his character as many other in the genre seems to always lean towards arrogance, over powering, domination and sexuality. He keeps his friends close and his enemies closer, he has control over his business and has made a name all on his own. His character is pretty close to others I have read in the past, though comparing characters isn’t always wise because stories differ from plot and setting it is hard not to fall under the same daze that their power and sensuality offers.


The author explores both of these characters struggles with their reality, but each under different circumstances. While one struggles with the reality of  a career and a the possibility of a ruined future, the other struggles to maintain an appearance that is deem necessary in a world where money and power set standards. The story focuses on Rachel’s point of view, we witness as she moves from the girl who isn’t always certain of her steps to the woman who is willing to risk and explore, giving the reader a first hand experience of her feelings and emotions. We are also given bits and pieces of Saints struggles, his demons resurface as he exposes his feelings to Rachel, showing vulnerability while also showing his masculinity and sensuality.


This story explores more than just sexual awakening and need, it explores the emotions and weaknesses of these characters. It gives us a first look into the relationship foundation and what it lacks. Though the story has plenty sexuality, I think it lacks passion making it also difficult to relate to these characters. Yes, the author explores feelings, emotions and sentiments that are natural in any relationship and attraction but these characters lack passion in the sense of their encounters. Their interaction seems guarded and predefined. Their dialog does not have a real feel and flow making it hard to establish a connection, I enjoy characters whose feelings flow easily, whose thoughts are easy to explore without making them predictable.


Though Rachel come across as an independent and strong character I think her ingenuity is misplaced. The author portrait of Rachel does not fit her actions, yes at times she goes head on towards what she needs to do while other times struggles to make the simplest of decisions. Rachel’s reality doesn’t call for indecision and inaction, I think that’s what I felt her character lacked most. What I find interesting is that even though she knows she has to do her best, she seems to think  that writing for a magazine that is on the brink of collapsing is her only way to stardom. She didn’t seem to have the backbone one expect to see from a journalist, a go get it, a action seeker, a hunger for exploration and news. As a reader, I need to be able to visualize the characters thoughts in order for me to establish a connection. I needed that in order to take her side, though she states her love for what she dose and for the news, it just wasn’t there.


Overall, I enjoyed Manwhore. I think the story though it didn’t have the WOW factor I expected still maintain a level of interest that makes it easy for me to pick the next book in the series. I am interested in seeing how their story develops and how these two characters will make their love story work. If you enjoy love story between rich boys and not so rich girls then this story is for you.

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