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Forsaken by Jacquelyn Frank

Forsaken - Jacquelyn Frank

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REVIEW: Forsaken is book #3 in The World of Nightwalkers series. This is Leo story and one I have been dying to read for a while. Finally we get to experience Leo’s POV – a man who has had his share of trouble and rough experiences in life. He loves deep and strong. His relationship with Jackson & Docia is as strong as the bond of a brother. I liked Leo from the moment he was introduced to the series, his nonsense kind of attitude is exactly what this series needed and with Leo we got a lot more than that.


Leo’s experiences with the supernatural came abruptly as he was captured and tortured to the brink of death over and over again. Now in Forsaken we see his process of healing and his reluctance yet coming acceptance of the new world around him. He is all I thought he would be, compassionate, caring, strong and hardheaded. Leo see the world in a whole different set of eyes, from his experience of loss when his mother died to seeing his best friend die and come back something different is just what brought him to the edge.

I enjoyed Leo’s story very much. At times it felt like we were in Leo’s head and we are able to experience his reluctance to the things he is experiencing. I also enjoyed how well author Frank explored Leo’s feelings and emotions. I liked his reluctance yet curiosity about his new allied. The Night Angel who brought out feelings he had long time ago forgotten. I liked how their relationship exploded from a simple alliance to undeniable desire and need. These two made the story so much more sweet and passionate than I thought it would be. Now that the god Apep is on the loose, Leo has proven to be more than just a mere human in a messy supernatural world, he is a man of action and one who can be very dangerous. I was a bit disappointed however, having read about how badass Leo is, I expected a lot more action and drama. Leo is sort of a hitman/mercenary therefore I was looking to find a lot more than just a quest to find an object that would help them save his friends life yet again. There is a bit of action, but not enough to have given me the fix I was looking for.


The world of the Nightwalker is always filled with danger and amazing characters, giving us yet another dosage of temptation and darkness while also allowing us to experience deep and raw passion. These characters are easy to like and relate, they all experience things that defines love and life. Jacquelyn Frank has proven to write  stories with great passion. Her characters are charismatic and enjoyable, she makes them strong without taking away their sensibilities and compassion, she makes them enjoyable and human.


If you are looking to read a story that explores pain, second chances, passion and love then look no further, read Forsaken.

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