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The Master (The Game Maker Series)

The Master (The Game Maker Series) - Kresley Cole **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog

REVIEW: If you read book #1 of the Game Maker Series you have then started to understand why these Russians have us ladies fanning ourselves. They are just to hot and to alpha. The Master is book #2 in the Game Maker Series and it is not less amazing than book #1. I probably sound like I am rambling and perhaps I am but this book was so hot I had to walk away a few times.

The Master is Maksimilian Sevastyan story, a story that isn’t less intense, or less heart breaking than that of the Syberian. Maksimilian (Maxim) is a man who knows pain, psychological and physical but that hasn’t stop him from becoming a very powerful, dangerous rich man. Maxim (as Cat’s calls him) is sexy, powerful and a business man. A man who enjoy sex and the kinks of submission and domination and he prefers them tall, blonde and submissive. That’s until he meets a sexy witty and spicy Latina.

I enjoyed this story so much for many reasons, one is that I think everyone who reads this story will be able to relate to Cat Martinez (Ana Lucia). She is funny, smart, mouthy and isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it. She has a playful spirit but behind that veil of sexuality and witty remarks hides a woman whose heart has been broken and is just looking to survive.

This story explores the what if’s in life, while allowing the reader to measure their own decisions and consequences. It explores the reality of many people, the contradictions of life, the obstacles and the ultimate reality that we have the reigns of our own destiny only if we are ready for it. It also takes us into the world of a woman whose past keeps hunting her, and even though Cat is young, she has suffer deeply and her loses have been great. I enjoyed reading about her, her mind and her feelings were beautifully exploit. Author Cole was able to transport us into Cat’s world, a world new to her but a world that opened the door to an escape, to a possible future and shot at a second chance.

I really enjoyed the dynamics between these two characters. Each character had a very different background but their differences brought them together. Each brought something unique to the story, Maxim gave us power, richness, dominance and control, while Cat gave us witty humor and a spicy personality that would put many other characters to shame. She was sensual, beautiful and with a great heart. The interaction between these characters was explosive, beautifully developed and well played out. I enjoyed their sexual escapades and scenes, the details, their dialog and their dirty talk was explosive.

Each character gave the story a certain balance, each with their own story to tell and each found on one another the needed support that made it all happen. Of course not without going through the aggravations and conflicts that would make it all worthwhile at the end. This story is fun, perhaps more dramatic than that of The Professional but not less intense and sexual. There was a sense of reality in this story that made it fresh and interesting perhaps not so much on the male side of the story but Cat’s story could easily hit home for some readers. Perhaps it was her background, or perhaps her need to hide her feelings, I am sure that many will identify with her and would love her no less than they love Maxim.

Kresley Cole has given us a great second installment in the Game Maker Series, one that will shatter your heart and put it all together with bits of passion and steamy sex. Have a fan and cold water on the ready, you will need it.