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Propositions - Tania  Joyce **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog

REVIEW: When the offer to read Propositions came to me, it was introduced as a contemporary romance set in the corporate world, explaining that Tania’s sexy, sassy style is comparable to bestselling authors Victoria Dahl and Jennifer Probst. I have read Jennifer Probst (Searching For Something) and if the author is comparable to Probst then I am sold.

Propositions is set in the corporate world of Sidney Australia, a world where money, reputation and hard work is what pays off and feelings and sentiments aren’t always a priority. The story is interesting and flows easily. Jessica owns a marketing agency, her work has been her life for a long time and that’s all she wants. Jessica’s life wasn’t always perfect, she got pregnant at a very young age but instead of letting that get in her way, she too charge of her life. While young she gave away her heart and only got hurt in return. As a woman, she kept a very tight leash on her control, her non existent love life and feelings. Work was all Jessica knew about and was content with that, however she also knew she was missing the fun and the vibrancy sex gives. She wants it all, sex, passion, security, success but she wants it all without complications, without getting hurt and without putting her heart at risk.

I enjoyed Propositions a lot, it has everything I like seeing in a romantic story. The story itself was beautifully developed. It moved slowly and it provided the needed balance between drama, romance and sex. The complications did not exceed the characters tolerance and it didn’t take away from the sense of reality that the story had. I enjoyed how the complications were part of life and not unnecessary drama added by the characters inabilities. The characters are mature, intelligent and give the reader a sense of connection. Nate a successful hotelier knows life has a way of getting the best of you if you do not keep one step ahead. He also understands his priorities have taken over his life but his business and his career are what keeps him afloat. Though Nate has it all, he is missing the love and closeness he expected to have with the woman he married, after his marriage failed he didn’t want to risk getting hurt again and focused his energy and life goals towards his business and his daughter.

The way these characters interacted gave the story the “real’ feel that many contemporary romance stories lack of. Their dialog and their encounters made it feel as if they were people you would encounter in your work place. The writing style is sexy and smart, the passion and sex was also quite steamy and detailed. The different events and situations were believable and it added an interest spark to the story. I enjoyed how well Nate and Jessica complimented one another. They had many ways in which they connected and to me that was very important. I enjoy when characters have more than their desire for passion and sex as a way to connect. They matched professionally and romantically. Their desired mirrored that of the other and in a way, it is what helped me connect with these characters.

If you are looking for an adult romance that has a great balance between drama and romance Propositions is for you, if you enjoy witty and mature characters then look no further, in Propositions will you find the perfect balance between romance and eroticism. Tania Joyce is an author you want to keep an eye on.