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Debt Inheritance

Debt Inheritance - Pepper Winters **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog - Rating 3.5 of 5

REVIEW: There are times when we crave a story that can break the mold, a story that is capable of putting us on edge, capable of putting our head on a spin and our heart in turmoil. Debt Inheritance is one of those stories. When I came across Debt Inheritance I was looking to find something different, something that didn’t reflect on stories I have read before, or sounded similar to stories that have been buzzing around Twitter & Facebook.

Debt Inherent is the story of a cruel and old legacy left by a family that was wronged many years ago, a legacy that despite time it still lives in the life of those who maintain the tradition trying to make right what was once wrong. Nila Weaver comes from a wealthy family, a family that for many years have maintain wealth and financial freedom through the their work in textiles, and which has pass from generation to generation.

Nila is an accomplished fashion designer, a young woman who despite her wealthy life, she dedicates her time to working and keeping her face out of the spotlight of cameras and gossip magazines. Though in her 20s, Nila lacks the experience most girls her age posses, always kept in the dark and under heavy protection from her brother and father, not able to do much besides work. Nila’s life takes a turn when she meets the stone cold Jethro Hawk. A man she has never met before but a man who seem to put her father on alert, a man who seems to keep his control safely guarded and cold as he keeps his heart.

The story flows nicely following each characters turmoil, indecision and demons. The way in which the story develops takes us into a slow and detailed world of old money, tradition and a sect like family that keeps their promises and their past close by. I enjoyed the premise of the story, new and unexplored. Two families both wealthy, one indebted by the actions of the past, a legacy of money, lies & a chain of intriguing events make this story one of its kind. The way in which each family keep its secret adds the needed suspense, the tasks “debt payments” combine sex and pain, which are not always supposed to be pleasurable but due to the connection & attraction between Nila & Jethro the line between pain and pleasure crosses path more often than intended. The characters are interesting, not necessarily unique but worth exploring, their history unexpected yet enjoyable, their actions reckless but satisfying. I enjoyed every aspect of how this story flows, the sense of “real” is easy to accept. I enjoyed the sex, the innuendos, their reactions and inaction, their realizations and acceptance, their exchange and dialog, the combination of all of this makes Debt Inheritance an interesting first book.
If you enjoy stories with manipulative men, dark family history and dirty laundry Debt Inheritance is for you.