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Her Dark Angel

Her Dark Angel (Her Angel: Bound Warriors #1) - Felicity Heaton **Post originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 3.5 of 5**

REVIEW: Her Dark Angel is book #1 of the Her Angel Series. I have read a few books by Felicity Heaton and I can honestly say I enjoy her writing style. This short story introduces us to Apollyon the angel of destruction and the witch Serenity.

The story isn’t long but it is nicely crafted. Serenety has had her heart broken by a cheating boyfriend. She seeks revenge and wants to make her ex-boyfriend pay. She seeks the help of Apollyon (Abanddon) but little did she know is that by asking for his help she would find herself losing her heart once again.

The story isn’t very long but it is sweet, heart felt and interesting. The characters are easily likeable, Apollyon possess a very strong sense of loyalty and Serenity gives her heart completely making this couple a favorite. Her Angel series started off in the right direction and I am certain I will be reading more of this series. Felicity Heaton knows when to add sweetness to a story and when to make it spicy creating a great balance.

If you are looking for a short sweet paranormal romance Her Dark Angel is for you.