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Burned - Karen Marie Moning **Originally posted @ReadingDiva's Blog

REVIEW: It is difficult to write a review of a book you love to hate, and actually hate it because it ended. I can come up with all sort of things to say about Burned but as I write this I am trying to organize my thoughts into what I think will be an opinion that will help you change your mind about what you want to read next.

The Fever Series has been phenomenal in so many ways. However, that does not mean it can’t be frustrating at times. Burned brought back Mac and Barrons. Two of my favorite characters and two of the strongest characters I have ever had the pleasure to read about. In this installment of the Fever Series, Mac is back on the streets trying to keep evil at bait but doing a really poor job of it. While she is still trying to come to terms with the truth about who killed her sister she is also trying to come to terms with the power and evil that resides inside her.

What I found in the pages of Burned is a very engaging, and intricate world that keeps evolving. The evil keeps getting stronger and Mac keeps doubting herself, while also trying to accept her reality and perhaps finally understanding that though Barrons has always been there for her, he also has secrets to hide. Burned also brings a lot more complications to the table, relationships are put to the test by the many changes and conflicts that keep re-appearing and though loyalties stay strong there are times when these characters find themselves doubting and forming unexpected alliances.

Burned has a lot going on, there are multiple situations and points of view going in this story. The feelings and emotions of these characters are put to play a game that only the stronger can survive. I loved how the author was able to manipulate and maintain such an intricate plot, where we go from one state of mind to another, from one character to the next without the story losing its essence and flow.

What I find to be at times disappointing is how little to no grow we see in Mac, it seems as if the time that has passed hasn’t given her any maturity. Her thoughts and behavior are at times childish and more times than not, her actions are inconsequential. I was not completely sold on her character this time around. Other characters become part of the action, some at lot more than others. We are introduced to the 9 but only get a glimpsed of Lor who seem to be the next character to hold a certain importance in the story to follow.

I feel there was a lot more to these characters than we were given, there are things I would’ve liked to be addressed such as the changes experienced by Dani. I think it could’ve been explored a lot more, perhaps even give the readers pointers into understanding how it all happened. What changed and what triggered the domino effect. I am happy to have read the book, I was looking forward to what was in housed for these characters, I am however even more excited to see how some of these characters are becoming more important than others, how their alliances is going to play out and how their relationships are going to develop.

Burned brings a whole new level in the game to surviving where only the stronger stays afloat. If you are yet to read this book, I suggest you get to it. Be ready to enter a world filled with a lot of testosterone and dominance. Alpha has a whole new meaning and it all points to LOR.