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Cursed by Fire - Jacquelyn Frank **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog 3.5 of 5

REVIEW: I am a big far of Jacquelyn Frank and have read almost everything she has written. Having said that, I was very excited about the premise of Cursed by Fire. Jacquelyn Frank has written a very sweet and love story of sacrifice, love and triumph.

The story follows a battered hero, Dethan a man who once was powerful, a man who felt he could conquered the world around him. His conquests brought him power and riches, yet he felt he deserved more. Dethan and his band of brothers pursued to conquer immortality without considering the consequences.

After years of being punished by the gods in one of the 8 caves of hell, Dethan gets a visit by one of the gods. A god he once prayed to and fought for. The god’s offer to free Dethan and it is then when his quest for redemption starts. Dethan is one of those characters I like to read about, he is powerful, honest to a fault, caring and loyal. The punishment he received for hundreds of years did not break his spirit but it gave him a new perspective.

I think Jacquelyn Frank did a great job creating an alpha male that wasn’t always burden by indecisions and misunderstandings. I liked that about Dethan, he was focus and kept working towards what he was destined to do. That didn’t take away from his prospect as a lover or a man who also desired the pleasures of the flesh. I think that part of his character was also nicely explored. Dethan’s ability to acknowledge the changes in him was ultimately what I enjoyed the most, there was no unnecessary drama. Though not always willing to pursue his needs, Dethan understood that there were times when you can’t separate pleasure and feelings, that at times they come together and at the end only the heart can tell what is best for the soul.

I also enjoyed Selinda, one of the strongest female characters I have read in a while. Focus, yet sensitive to everyone around her. Her sacrifices made her more human and likeable. The author explores Selinda’s feelings beautifully while also giving us a very mature and head strong character who finds herself trapped in a set of circumstances that will forever alter her life. I found Selinda to be both charming and fascinating. While I am not a fan of damsel in distress characters I admit to have enjoyed her innocence. Don’t get me wrong, Belinda isn’t the oblivious and clueless female character that awaits to be saved, Belinda sets into motion the steps needed to guarantee her freedom while gaining Dethan’s promises of pleasure.

Cursed by Fire isn’t one of those sex focus stories, on the contrary, it is a sweet love story that explores the characters need for redemption while also exposing their needs, desires and sexual awakening. Dethan & Selinda are great characters, they complimented each other. Both are strong and focus, loyal and sensitive to others suffering. The one complain I have about the story is the pace, certain things took a bit long to develop while others such as the romance was set at a nice pace. I also would’ve liked more showing and less telling, the interaction was not as constant as I would’ve liked but don’t let that deter you from reading it. I enjoyed Cursed By Fire, I think anyone looking for a sweet love story with some angst will find Cursed By Fire to their liking.