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Blyssfully Undone

Blyssfully Undone - J.C. Cliff **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog

REVIEW: The Blyss Trilogy has come to an end, and what an end it was. When I read the first book I wasn’t’ entirely sold on it, and even had reservations about it, but as I read book #2 (Blyssful Lies), and now book #3 Blyssfully Undone I can say how much I enjoyed the series overall.

Blyssfully Undone starts right where Blyssful Lies left off. Travis and Julianna on the run, fighting to stay alive and together. What I liked about this book even more so than the first two is how much more action we get, and the confrontation between Nick’s cronies and Travis’s group. The high level of risk in which these characters find themselves and the high level of action works for the story because of its dark theme, it adds intensity an instant sense of darkness that is expected in stories that deal with the sex trafficking. That bit of uncertainty made the story more real, more credible and all together more exciting.

In this final installment, we get a Julianna that has learned a lot not only about self defense, but also a great deal about herself. I liked that Julianna was still learning things about herself a woman, discovering desires that were hidden and which would’ve never been explored had she married her fiance. I also enjoyed how much mature her character had become.

She no longer let her emotions take over, she is more calculating, smarter about her decisions and a lot more in control of her actions. Though of course when it came to Travis her body dictated otherwise but even then she tried to maintain certain level of control. I loved their chemistry, the way their interaction maintained a connection that developed from more than just sexual attraction, how Travis always knew what she needed and was always able to calm the turmoil in her heart.

I also enjoyed how Travis handled the situation between him and Julianna, yes I wasn’t always happy to see how he always resorted to sex when it came to controlling Julianna’s inquiries for more information but I completely understood the reasons why. The author did a superb job exploring these characters limits and wants while also making them sensitive, intelligent and aware of each others feelings and emotions. The author also provides us with a strong and secure foundation from which these characters connection started, allowing the reader to ride the wave with them. Every angst, every desire and emotion was easily felt by the reader, which in terms allows for a stronger connection and an amazing reading experience.

The author created a series of events that were heart stopping, graphic and at times nail biting, giving Blyssfully Undone the thrilling feel of an action movie. I enjoyed every aspect of the story, from the deceits and lies between these characters to the emotional and steamy hot sex scenes. Every aspect of their story felt real, their emotions and desires, their actions and acceptance were beautifully exploit. I can’t recommend this series enough, if you are looking for an emotional and sexy, yet thrilling series to read look no further. The Blyss Trilogy has it all, from hot sex to extremely volatile and sexy anti-hero to sweet and dangerous hero. Everything about The Blyss Trilogy screams amazing, go for it you will not regret it.