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Do Not Disturb (The Girl in 6E sequel) by A.R. Torre

Untitled - The Girl in 6E sequel - Alessandra Torre

REVIEW: Do Not Disturb is the 2nd book in the Deanna Madden series and it keeps the same dark erotic theme of previous installment. Do Not Disturb follows Deena’s struggles and inability to connect with the outside world. A world that threatens to bring out Deena’s dark side, a side that has proven to bring her not just pleasure but undeniable danger.

Do Not Disturb explores Deena’s life as a cam girl, it brings us into her world and shows us what it takes to be one of the best in the cam world. I think this time around Deena’s growth showed, her character was a bit more stable but it still suffering from the torments of her past. The line between right and wrong is blurred by the always existent dark desires. I like to think Deena’s problems come from the trauma lived but it makes me wonder if that fatal day was jut the catalyst of an insanity waiting to unleash.

I enjoyed the first book a lot, however I am not entirely sold on this second installment. The story dragged quite a bit and sadly for me it was quite predictable. The moment certain characters were introduced I knew they were culmination of this installment and I could easily map out the outcome. I will not deny I enjoy the descriptive and erotic ways in which the author explores Deena’s desires and thoughts. I think she does a fantastic job exploring her demons, her dark needs and wants that only a corrupted mind would enjoy.

Do Not Disturb transports us to a world where danger and pleasure come hand in hand making it almost impossible to differentiate which is more desirable by the characters. The way in these characters react and interact adds a morbid yet tantalizing twist to the story that one can’t help but enjoy. I think Deena and Jeremy story needs more, it still lacks the intensity I expect them to have, I think it does have what it needs to create an exciting couple, because of the nature of Deena’s story I think their romance could be a lot more exciting.


Do Not Disturb brings a very interesting twist and not always explore by authors. The difference between doing something because you need to vs doing something because you want to. While Deena’s story brings many aspects of a cam girl to the table, it is also a story that shows us how difficult it is to keep aside the dark side that lurks in the back her mind. The struggles that only she knows are kept a bait, while also being seduced by the routine and frivolities of a normal life that many take for granted while others crave to have.


I enjoyed the erotic part of this story, the enjoyment of a blatant cam show and the liberation that brings to the person behind the camera. The characters’ inability to hide their morbid desires, their need to explore, the level at which excitement seems to override logic is beautifully exposed and that made the story enjoyable for me. Do Not Disturb isn’t a typical love story, it can’t be labelled as typical in anyway. I enjoyed the author’s blunt and irreverent writing style, she manages to capture the thoughts of her characters and the actions that determines their future. I think A. Torre is one of those authors who is not afraid of exploring new way in story telling while also setting a path to bringing her characters and readers to new highs.


If you are looking for a story that explores all aspects of insanity, sex, raw and erotic acts as well as torture and violence grab Do Not Disturb, you will not regret it. However, if you are easily offended I suggest you stay away from this book because it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

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