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Review: Ticker by Lisa Mantchev

Ticker - Lisa Mantchev

REVIEW: When I came across Ticker on Amazon and I was given the chance to participate on the Kindle First program. I am happy I did because Ticker was a lot of fun to read. Ticker is a YA Steampunk filled with adventure, science and witty characters.

I enjoyed reading Ticker, the story was fun and entertaining. Penny Farthing is smart, beautiful and hardheaded. Her love for life usually put her in situations not always desired, her heart may be weak but her spirit is strong. The Farthing family suffers from a condition that threatens the women to die at a young age, after Penny’s older sister die suddenly during her eighteen birthday Penny knew it was just time before death claimed her too.


Penny’s way to mourn put her in a precarious situation when her selfish behavior caused her to have an accident and as a consequence her heart gave up. This accident started to unfold a chain of events that would put Penny’s life and those around her in great danger. The author gives us a great story, beautifully written and filled with fascinating description of old London. She also portrays the madness behind a scientist and his desire and need to evade and cheat death. His heart once broken by the death of his beloved Dimitria and a promise that would one day bring pain to those he once loved.


Mad scientist usually make great villains, that’s exactly the case of Calvin Warwick, a scientist whose grieve was deep and maddening enough to send him into a rampage of crime and murder all in the name of science. The action was non-stop, I liked how well and nicely paced the scenes were. The intensity of some of them quite graphic and thrilling. I enjoyed every aspect of this story. The romance though it wasn’t greatly developed it was paced nicely. It was not intense or the main focus, but it played an important part on bringing some of the characters together.


The characters were well rounded and smart, their interaction and dialog greatly developed and their connection beautifully exploit. The technology and science was nicely explored giving this story a unique and interesting twist. Ticker has all the needed ingredients to make the story interesting, it gives us human interaction, friendship, romance, deceit & forgiveness. All of this makes Ticker a fun and sweet holiday day that you would like to share.


Overall, Ticker is a great YA Steampunk that would keep readers entertained. Fans of Kady Cross may find themselves enticed to read Ticker. If you chose to do so, you will not be disappointed.

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