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Review: Blyssful Lies by J.C. Cliff

Blyssful Lies - J.C. Cliff

REVIEW: Blyssful Lies is the second installment in the Blyss Series. The story starts right where Blyss left off, Julie is recuperating from a confrontation with Nick. I was skeptical at how good the 2nd installment would be, considering I felt the first book in the series “Blyss” left me feeling like there was not much substance to the characters and the plot. I am happy to say that I was blown away this time around by the quality of this installment. The characters are a lot more developed and intriguing, giving me exactly what I expected to see and feel from them. The sense of uncertainty that I felt when reading Blyss has dissipated and in its place a sense of contentment as been put in its place.

The plot has thickened and it brings a new development to the story. Julie and Travis are on the run; Travis felt it necessary to take Julie away from Nick not without considering the retaliation and the force in which he would attack. However, there is the possibility that is it not just Nick trying to get Julie back. The situations in which these three characters have found themselves are a creation of the world in which they live in. Nick though again we don’t get much from him has promised revenge and I am looking forward to the cruelty to which I am sure he will subject both Julie and Travis. Nick is showing his vulnerability, however his control and strength keeps his mind steady while his heart is in turmoil.

Julie has gone from frail and scared to a tigress ready to pounce and take control of her life and do anything necessary to make it happen. I think there is more to Julie than her beauty, her character feels a lot stronger now than she did before. She shows a stronger voice and her actions mirror her thoughts. Travis on the other hand is acting on impulse and that surprised me. I felt that he was in control, opposite to Nick’s volatile persona; however that hasn’t proven to be the case. Travis is letting his feelings drive him; his heart has decided what’s best for him and Julie without judging the eminent danger in which they have put them both. The author has done a superb job exploring the feelings and emotions of these characters. She has given us a more mature Julie and a very vulnerable Travis without portraying him as weak. Nick sees control slipping from his hands and that is something I would’ve liked to see more of. The author has given us a lot more of Julie & Travis relationship, their feelings are being exposed and their attraction and sexual tension has grown exponentially. It is a treat to see them interact, their dialog flows easily, their banter is sexy and their sexual encounters explosive.

I am really happy to have read this second installment. Blyssful Lies is explosive & sexy. The action and sense of danger brings the most needed balance to the story without taking away the dark, romantic and sensual flow of the story. The plot is provocative and hasn’t steered away from its dark and painful nature while the characters have maintained and developed whole new levels of control, sadism and promise of pains. I am a big fan of anti—heroes and that is why I am rooting for Nick. I think readers will feel captivated by the new developments, by the romance and the possibility of great danger.

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