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Master Over You: A Dark Romance Novel - Cerys du Lys, Ethan Winters

REVIEW: Master Over You is a very dark romance novel. There are times when stories are too raw, too painful and all together to much to handle. Master Over You is one of those stories. The plot develops around human trafficking, a subject that is not only dark, raw & painful but one that holds a certain fascination.


When I requested this book for a review I was expecting something dramatic, painful, filled with angst and raw emotions. I got exactly that, the story tells about the dark minds behind the act, and suffering of the victim of abuse, it also gives us the story of two characters that after suffering horrendous circumstances take a path for the worse. The plot was gripping and the characters crafted to show their darkest nature.


The characters are broken, ruined and violated in ways that would forever altered their future and their nature. I think that aspect of the story was beautifully exploit. However, the way in which the story flows between the two main characters is not what I expected. At some point during the story, we as readers are supposed to connect and be able to identify with the characters we read about. Angeline & Noah are very different, they are not your typical characters. One can’t identify Noah as the hero nor can one identify Angelina as the heroine. As characters they both have strong voices and strong personalities, however the lack of interaction and dialog between these characters makes it almost impossible to connect with their suffering and anguish.


The plot deals with each character separately, they both seem to be going on different paths. Neither Angeline or Noah maintain an open dialog, their inner monologue makes it difficult to connect them in a way that supports their love story, each held anger, passion and disturbing emotions that made them unique and passionate yet incompatible. Their hate runs deep, their sadness perhaps justified but their actions and reactions made them at times feel like there was no connection and that their love story was forced.


The story has a lot of repetition, Noah’s constant declaration of who he is and what does was a bit distracting. Noah’s inability to communicate and express his emotions was disconcerting. Angeline’s constant need to hurt Noah was exhausting and unnecessary. Though both characters shared a terrible past, they did not seem to share the same passion for the future. Their love did not have a strong foundation, Angeline’s anger and Noah’s detachment did not seem enough for a happily ever after, yes their sexual chemistry was high and explosive that did not give them enough to hold on to. Love doesn’t feed on sex, there is more to a relationship than the sexual connection, it needs passion, it needs understanding and mutual respect. These two characters did not do it for me.


The story is about second changes and found love, redemption and forgiveness. If you enjoy dark romance, dirty mouth anti-hero and an almost psychotic anti-heroine Master Over You is the story for you. Do not expect sweet talk and loving talk between the characters, do not expect undying love and acts of heroism. There is none of that, but do expect however a man who calls his woman a bitch and who seems to be more in-love with her body than her heart and soul, and who is unable to speak with passion or love to the woman he has promised to spend the rest of his life.

Source: http://sinfulreads.com/review-master-over-you-a-dark-romance-novel-by-cerys-du-lys-ethan-winters