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Blyss - J.C. Cliff **Originally posted @ SinfulReads - Rating 3.5 of 5**

REVIEW: Blyss is the first book of the series by the same name and the debut novel by J.C Cliff. Blyss is not your typical romance book, while it does have romance and very spicy sex scenes it also explores an interesting and explosive topic, sex trafficking. The characters are not necessarily complex and can be easily compared to others we have read in the past but that did not deter me from enjoying it.

Julianna Oakley is the daughter of a very affluent man, one who keep hidden a very dark secret. While I am not particularly attracted to “innocent” female characters I find Juliana to be a charming, sweet and funny. Not necessarily one that I would confess to love and admire but one I can see growing as a character.

The story pretty much flows slowly without major incidents until Julianna is kidnapped and forced into a world she knew nothing about. Not only is she exposed to the world of sex trafficking but she is also exposed to an experimental drug that “enhances” women's libido in ways never experienced before, giving the story an interesting twist.

The male characters are exactly what we have come to expect, sexy, beautiful, sexual, and experts in the art of sex. Travis who is the “hero” and Nick the “anti-hero,” have unique qualities but again nothing we haven’t seen in other characters before. While I would’ve liked to get to know Nick a bit more, the story focusses entirely on Julianna and Travis exposing their new found attraction and the awaking of feelings they didn’t think it was possible to experience. The author does a great job exposing Julianna’s feelings and the intensity of her turmoils, her new sexual awakening and her attraction to Travis, while at the same time exposes her internal debate between her guilt and her attraction towards her captor.

Though we can experience Travis strong voice, there is a lack of background on Nick making us weight his importance in the first book, which allows for a fairly easy prediction that book two will focus entirely on him. References to other books and characters were inconsequential to the story and unnecessary in certain scenes. I felt there was a lack of description and perhaps not enough background on sex trafficking and its consequences, which I think would’ve added the dark twist I was expecting to find in this story. Overall, I think the Blyss series has the necessary ingredients to pick the interest of readers who enjoy Fifty Shade of Grey, The Dark Duet & This Man Series.