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Kiss of the Goblin Prince: Shadowlands series

Kiss of the Goblin Prince: Shadowlands series - Shona Husk ** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4 of 5

Review: I enjoyed this book. I like how the story flowed though it did in a slow pace. I enjoyed the characters and I also enjoyed their way their story developed.

Kiss of the Goblin Price tells us the story of Dai King, who after being in the Shadowlands for centuries is finally making it into the Fixed Real. Dai and his brother were cursed and forced to live in the Shadowlands as goblins. After their cursed was lifted with the help and love of Eliza, Dai and his brother Roan were able to return to the world of men.

Amanda lost her husband only months after getting married and finding out she was pregnant. Matt never got to know her daughter. Amanda knows little about what’s to have fun and have an adult life, since Matt’s death she felt necessary to dedicate her life to keep her daughter safe. Her world has been entirely her daughter until the day she meets Dai.

I didn’t read The Goblin King, but this book gives good references to what happened before the curse was lifted. I liked Dai from the moment I started reading the story. His life as a man was cut short after being cursed but for millennia he was always by his brother’s side. I think the author did a great job developing his character. I like how the characters feelings and emotions were presented in the story.

Dai & Amanda were a match made in heaven, both have painful past but that past is exactly what brings them together. This was a nice story of love, trust and understanding.