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The Angel (The Original Sinners)

The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz ** Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog**

Review: The Angel is the second book in The Sinners series, and one that will give you as much satisfaction as the first book. I couldn’t be more pleased as how this story developed. If you  have already read The Siren you know that author Reisz prepared us for what seem like an unavoidable and tragic future for Soren and The 8 Cycle overall.

Author Reisz didn’t disappoint, she brought Nora with the same flirtatious, unrepentant and complex personality that we have come to love. The story follows the same flow as The Siren but with new conflicts, new secrets and fantastic discoveries.

I totally enjoyed how Reisz cam smoothly integrate characters to the story that add purpose and meaning to the plot. What I liked about The Angel is how Reisz is able to bring controversies that in terms allow us to sort of test our tolerance and acceptance. The Angel is Michael’s awakening and his time to experience what he has craved the most, love, attention and pain.

“Don’t laugh at me.” Michael buried his face into the pillow. “It’s rude to laugh at a dying man.”
“Poor little subby.” Griffin entered Michael’s bedroom grabbed a chair and sat next to the bed. “She nearly kill you last night?”

The Angel brings a new set of characters to play, and with that comes the conflict and drama that makes the story a page turner. There isn’t anything I don’t love about The Angel. Nora is in the path of understanding and accepting the inevitable and she has returned to Soren with a broken heart. Oh, the discoveries and confessions are another thing I enjoyed so very much. We learn new things about Soren, about Kingsley, Wesley & Nora.

Soren becomes a focal point in this story; it is something we didn’t get to see much on The Siren.  His character is so intelligent, imposing, strong, sexy and sinful that one can’t help but shy away from the things that come to mind (LOL).

“ I could be a thief. Or the bastard son of the pope. Both would quality as conflicts of interest. Why are you so certain the reason for my asterisk is sexual?” Suzanne thought about lying then had the feeling he’d see right through it.

“I suppose it’s because you’re so incredible attractive”

He laughed again, this time far more subtly.
“I find you attractive as well,”

Reisz did an amazing job displaying the fears and raw emotions from these characters that one can’t help but fall in-love with them. Her characters are strong yet they can be vulnerable because their fears, their love and emotions are what determined their level of loyalty. The secrets add a much dramatic and sensual edge to the story that keeps you reading all night. These characters radiate sensuality and are nothing less than addictive.

This is an intelligent and wicked sexy story that will keep readers asking for more. Be ready for the carefully and slow seduction into the world of The Sinners.