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Release: 3 (The Protector)

Release: 3 (The Protector) - M.R. Merrick *** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 5 of 5

REVIEW: I could use many words to describe The Protector Series, but only one does it justice…EPIC. Release is the 3Rd book of The Protector series and it is so far the best book in the series. The plot follows the same awesome path as Exiled & Shift; now that paths have been taken and relationships and partnerships have been formed the time to break evil has come.

Release is perhaps the best of all 3 books. I loved how much drama and action this book has. There are big developments in this book. Chase has become a bad ass hero who pretty much has every power imaginable, Rayna has finally managed her shifting and hasn’t slow down as far as taking care of the bad guys. Marcus as usual is the voice of reason and keeps everyone in check. I could keep going about how much those three characters make this book and the series as a whole awesome. But one has to be fair and give big thumbs up to Willy and Tiki. Both of those characters give the series the necessary balance.

The relationship between Chase & Rayna is complicated. They are quite different but that’s pretty much what brings them together. I will stay away from spoilers about their relationship but I can’t help and share some of my favorite quotes from Vincent. I will add this much. I LOVE CHASE & RAYNA.

Vincent, one of the most powerful vampires on Earth, after some serious developments he has had to make some attitude adjustments. I think his sarcasm and attitude was so well crafted by Merrick that I couldn’t help but like him more and more.


“Forgive me if I seem hesitant. I am a born vampire. If you haven’t put two and two together, that means I’ve never set foot in the sunlight unscathed. Can you even fathom this moment for me?”
I stared blankly at him. I didn’t really care what he was going through. We were on a tight timeline. Time on Drakar moved much slower than it did on earth. I couldn’t afford to be away longer than absolutely necessary. Vincent shook his head and released a low growl. “Five hundred years I’ve lurked in the shadows, always cautious and aware of the moment the sun might rise. I’ve never enjoyed what I imagine is the beauty of a sun setting over the ocean. Never known the warmth it can provide on a hot summer’s day. I’ve spent over five centuries in darkness, and now the moment I can walk in the light has come. I apologize if my desire to savor this hinders your patience.”

Merrick creates creditable scenarios and he is able to easily switch scenes from terrorizing to funny. Some scenes had me laughing out loud.

“Fire!” I yelled. “You’re on fire! You’re melting, Vincent, you’re melting!” Vincent didn’t stop. He launched himself back in the forest. Orange and blue leaves shot into the air as he dove into the bushes. Branches shook and leaves fell from their stems as he struggled to pull himself through the other side. I couldn’t contain myself; laughter spilled from my lips and I bent over, gasping for air. I dropped down to one knee, trying to catch my breath, but it was too much. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Tiki’s disapproving glare aside, I basked in this moment: the panic that had covered Vincent’s face, the fear that filled his eyes…it had all been worth it.

“Thank you, Mr. Williams. Only you could manage to destroy a moment so beautiful.” “I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.” I smirked. That wasn’t true; I wasn’t sorry at all. In fact, I’d happily repeat that moment in my mind for the rest of my life. “I’m happy you find amusement in what would otherwise be a life-changing moment for me.”


Release is an adventure into the unknown. I love the descriptions, the details and the voices of each character. The reader will have no problem transporting themselves to the worlds Merrick has created. I could imagine the colors and the smells. I could picture the creatures and the magic, I am not often left in awe after reading a book but this has left me wanting and craving more.

Merrick is a fantastic author, and he has earned a place among the best in the genre. The Protector Series has everything I enjoy in a paranormal/urban fantasy series. It has tons of action, likeable characters, awesome world building/travels between worlds/kick-ass heroine/hot hero and a great group of secondary characters that bring the necessary spark and balance to the story. Release brings a lot to the table and I couldn’t help but feel sad once it was finished. I love every page of this story, I am sure readers will love it too.

Highly recommended.