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Vanished Pride

Vanished Pride - Paloma Beck ** Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog

REVIEW: Vanished Pride is the 4th installment in The Seven Sin Sisters series. This is my second time reading one of Beck’s stories and my 2nd installment of The Seven Sin Sisters and so far this has been my favorite of the two. Though I enjoyed Madden in Lustful Cravings, I think Donovan had a lot more to offer as a character. The story keeps the same interesting plot, the breed fighting against an organization that now knows about their existence and that it is doing everything possible to use that information to their advantage, tying to cause chaos and death in their path.

I like how the plot kept the story interesting throughout its 98 pages. I was glad to see that Nassir may not longer be a threat to their race but knowing there is someone else behind his crimes keeps readers on the edge. I am a fan of this series and I love how nice Paige & Donovan’s story develops. It is short yes, but don’t let that fool you, the passion and desire is intense. Donovan a dominant by nature helps Paige overcome her sin and in terms help her understand their eternal union. I really enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to reading more of the breed. I think I have to go back and read book 2 & 3 because I know I am missing some hot and steamy stories. Have some water ready because you will need it, Donovan is sexy, smart and very dominant, everything you want to see in a man like him. Paige compliments him, together they make this story sweet yet steamy. I think Paloma Beck did a great job bringing these two characters together, great work and I can’t wait to read her next novella.