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Revealed - Evangeline Anderson ~~*Original posted at ReadingDiva's Blog*~~

I am a big fan of the Brides of the Kindred series. The story of Nadia & Adam Rast is one that we have expected and one that brings a lot of excitement. This book was no disappointment. I loved this story as much as I loved Found. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the first 3 books as well but Found and Revealed are my favorite of the series.

Revealed starts right off where Found ends. We have had glimpses of what was in store for Nadia and Rast but I what we got in this book is a lot more than expected. I certainly adore the way these characters interact; their development was nicely thought out and detailed.

I enjoy Evangeline Anderson’s writing style; she has that imaginative and charismatic way of story telling. The 2 main characters are a gust of fresh air. Yes there is the usual stubbornness, conflicts and drama but that’s exactly what makes this story so good. Anderson is able to maintain Nadia’s innocence and inexperience yet she is able to bring out the curiosity that makes readers fall in-love with her. There is also a touch of cheesy, there I said it!. The story can sometimes border line annoying but it is more related to the other characters. I like Nadia because her character is sweet, loving, and curious.

I was quite happy to find out that many of my assumptions were correct. If you have followed the Brides of The Kindred Series you will come up to some of the same conclusions as I did. Of all the female characters of the series Nadia and Kat are the best.

What I enjoy the most in this book is that Anderson is able to maintain Rats’s stubborn and harsh personality. I also like how easily their story flows and how their interaction make the story feel real. The relationship between Rats and Nadia flows easily and it grows slowly. Nadia is strong, her inexperience doesn’t make her weak, she is plenty curious about men and the like, and she isn’t ashamed to ask or to enjoy the experiences.

Rast’s stubborn attitude got me; I totally love this character personality. He is head strong, sometimes unyielding yet sensible. Though I was not sure how their story was going to unfold I was happily surprise. Since the All father was out of the picture I wasn’t sure what conflicts and drama was going to make this story interesting. I was nicely surprised. In this book we are introduced to new characters, new evil and excellent conflicts. I totally love this book and I recommend it highly.

This book has an interesting plot; it follows a different path than the other 4 books, but don’t let that fool you; it has the same hot and passionate ingredients that the other books in the series have, making it just as hot, as great and as sexy as the rest of the series. There are plenty of steamy scenes, plenty of passionate talk and kick-ass action. Rats is the latest and hottest Kindred in the series. Evil has a different face and I can’t wait to read more about HIM.!