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Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here

Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here - Heather Long ~~** Originally Posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4 of 5

REVIEW: This is a very short but hot story filled with passion, adventure and sex.

Jasmine is a Marine; she has been in the forces for a long time, always dependable and always willing to run to the front when necessary. She has however forgotten she is also a woman. She wants to feel sexy, she wants to be wanted and desired.

Zach craves passion and adventure. He also wants to help his friend Logan, and he considers that one way to help his friend is by dragging his friend to the wild side and share a night of passion with a woman.

Logan is a marine, one that has seen his share of pain and suffering and what the war can do to a human being. He has suffered firsthand the consequences of war. He is also not sure he can handle the pressure of being with a woman; the war has left scars that are not easily forgotten. Though he is reluctant, he is willing to try, but he is expecting a rejection. To his surprise Jasmine is a marine willing to go all the way without retreating.

After they decide to go on a blind dated organized by the 1Night Stand Services, the three of them head into an adventure that promises more than one night stand, the possibilities are endless and the passion as well as the adventure promises tons of fun. I enjoyed this story because it makes me wonder how many men and women go through the same situation as Logan. Sex doesn’t cure pain, but for Logan it is a good start. I think the author did a great job putting together this story. I like Jasmine, she is beautiful and smart, and Zach and Logan are handsome and caring. I would like to see a longer version of their story, I think Jasmine and Logan hit it off well and their romance can go beyond a one night stand.