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The Scourge

The Scourge - A.G. Henley ** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog

Review: From the moment I started reading this book I was hooked. The story is wonderfully written and the characters are amazingly developed. The Scourge is an amazing story, it brings so many emotions and one can’t help but to get dragged into a world where civilization brought to almost full extinction.

After the destruction of the world, society was divided by those few who survived. The Groundlings or the people forced to live on the ground are the survivors of a post apocalyptic generation forced to live under very strict set a rules. They were to live on the ground and work the land for food and were responsible for the supply of the water. On the other sides of the spectrum were the Lofties who live up in the trees and who provide protection to the groundlings against the flesh-eaters.

The story flows wonderfully, the conflicts between the groundlings and the Lofties keep the reader quite entertained. Their differences bring them together & their traditions protect them from the Scourge. The characters are awesome; one can’t help but feel enthralled by their dialog and interaction.

Fennel is a groundling, whose responsibility is to collect the water for the people when the Scourge comes to their village. As every other water collector Fennel is sightless; and within her people that’s considered a “gift.” As every water collector Fennel is assigned a Keeper. Keepers are Lofties whose only responsibility is to protect the sightless when collecting water. Fennel is devoted to her people and her friends, she knows that without water there is no survival and she is willing to sacrifice herself for her people. Pegrine is a Loftie and it is his responsibility to help and protect Fennel while she collects water. He guides her and help her on her quest to the caves. There is an instant connection between the two. Their connection will help them overcome all the obstacles they will find on their way into the caves.

The Scourge is not only a story of survival; it is also a story of awakening, love, family devotion & amazing revelations. Expect to be blown away by the amazing characters and their quest to survival. I am amazed about A.G. Henley writing style. If you read this book you will have no choice but to become part of the adventure. Be warned, your heart will undeniably fall in-love with the characters.