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The Siren

The Siren - Tiffany Reisz ** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

Review: The Siren is the first book I read from Tiffany Reisz and it will not be the last. This story is disturbing, tantalizing, erotic and complex. Some may find it offensive and some may even think it is about love spoken in a different set of words. Regardless of what your perception of this book is, I for one as a reader enjoyed it a lot.

This book is different in so many ways; it is the story of a writer who writes Erotic. It is much more than an erotic book; it is a story of realization, a story of awakening, and story of sexual resurrection. It reads as a story within a story; a clever way of storytelling. Innovative if you ask me and quite entertaining.

The Siren has an interesting plot, but it has even more interesting characters. The story is very descriptive, detailed and erotic. Author Nora Sterling is an erotica author and a good one at that. She has created a reputation and it is quite happy to maintain it, she is loved by her readers and feared by her peers. Nora is a woman who knows what she wants, she enjoy who she is and isn’t ashamed of expressing her needs. The story flows easily; the dialog can be funny and offensive at the same time. It is not for the faint of heart. The story is complex, descriptive and fascinating. It shows us the thin line that seems to exists between pain and pleasure and how one is perhaps bound by the other. It also shows the complicated relationship that exist between Dom/s. Though a questions comes to mind, it is about love or is it about power? That is up to the reader to decide.

How easily you forgive, Eleanor. How freely you absolve the sins of others. Tell me, little one, when the time comes, how will you absolve yours? With the first lash of the whip Nora felt a strip of fire burn across her back. She cried out from the pain so ferocious she nearly chocked on it.
Like this, Soren, she dared answer only in her mind. This is how.

What I enjoy about this book is how real the characters felt. Nora is charismatic, energetic & shameless. Behind all that energy there are secrets, secrets that Nora isn’t ready to show. Some of the other characters such as Wesley, Zach and Soren added a vivid reality to the story. All of these characters fought internal demons, some more than others. They all had something to hide and they all had stories of their own to tell. I found these characters some of the most interesting I have read this year. There is sex, there is BDSM, there is passion and there is also pain. Be ready to get a few surprises.

If you enjoy Erotica and enjoy devious relationships between complex, intriguing & enigmatic characters this is certainly a book you want to add to your list.