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Risking It All

Risking It All - Jennifer  Schmidt ** Originally posted @ SinfulReads **

REVIEW: Risking It All is one of those stories that start somewhat slow but then it picks up. Though I am not a fan of love triangles the author did a good job bringing out the feelings and emotions felt by all the characters involved.

I liked Risking It All for a few reasons. The story felt quite real and one that we may have seen or experience at some point in life. Though I am not sure everyone has experience a love triangle, this story shows a great deal of struggles, indecision & sex.

Kennedy met her best friend Memphis during her first year in college. She was made aware of his antics and ability to get into women’s pants. But after seeing a side of him rarely exposed it was clear to her that Memphis was more than what women said he was. Kennedy and Memphis became best friends. The story goes into showing us what Kennedy did after she finished college. She became an artist since her love for art was stronger than the desires of her family to become something she didn’t love and enjoy.

Then the story flows slowly into Kennedy relationship with Brooks, and her tight and close friendship with Memphis. Though I liked the story, I think it dragged a bit. Kennedy’s idea of a loving relationship isn’t what she is experiencing with Brook and his constant absence from her life was proving to make things complicated for her. Memphis is a handsome and sweet guy, who has been at Kennedy’s side for a long time and who seems to know her better than anyone. I liked Memphis, not because he is hot but because he has all the traits good friends have. He is caring, sensitive and supportive.

Brook on the other hand is sensual, sexy and self absolved. He loves Kennedy but doesn’t seem to understand that she needs more than a warm body in her bed. This is the kind of story that many women can identify with, the struggle of a woman fighting to maintain a relationship she knows is doomed to come to an end. The interaction between the characters was well throughout and detailed. I think the dialog and characters interaction is the best part of this story. Kennedy and Brook’s relationship felt real in many levels. Memphis support and friendship with Kenney can me anyone jealous. One can’t help but wonder if you had a friend like Memphis, would you put your friendship at risk in the name of passion and heat?…

I think the chemistry between Kennedy and Memphis was great. Their first sexual encounter, their dirty talk and desires were detailed and hot. His ability to drive Kennedy crazy was sweet and funny at times. I enjoyed how well things developed but I was taken aback by Kennedy’s immaturity at times. Her inability to acknowledge her needs and desire as a woman were borderline annoying. I even enjoy the passion between her and Brook, though there aren’t many details about it, the way it was describe can make any woman ache with need. Though there is sex in this book, I do not think it can be considered Erotica, yes it is hot at times but there is a lot more substance and back story than sex. This is an author you may want to keep an eye on.

Do I recommend this book? Yes!