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Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 1: The Seduction

Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 1: The Seduction - Lisa Renee Jones **Originally posted at SinfulReads Blog

REVIEW: If you have read stories by Lisa Renee Jones you will know by now that she has the ability to create amazing stories with complex, sexy and passionate characters. I have become a big fan of her books because her stories speak from the heart and the passion translate into fascinating relationships between characters, erotic encounters and wonderful erotic scenes.

The Seduction is the first installment of the entries of Rebecca’s lost journals. If you have read If I were You, you will know that these journals were what started Sara’s adventure into a world of passion, sex, domination and submission and one that proves to be everything she has never imagine.

“Have you ever met someone who you immediately knew could change your life? I’ve heard about this happening, but I never experienced anything near it until tonight. Tonight I met him. I don’t know this man’s name, nor does he know mine, but I still feel the impact of our brief meeting deep inside.”

But before Sara, there was a Rebecca. Her story started when opportunity knocked on her door in the form of a sexy man, the owner of an art gallery and a man who opened the door to her dreams. That man she thought of was sexy, mysterious and dangerous and a man who made her desire more than she thought she was capable of. The Seduction introduces us to Rebecca’s world; a world that started up rough & filled with pains and deceive. However, it also brought opportunities and the passion she needed to start up her dream which in terms opened up the door to a world she would’ve never imagine being part of. When Rebecca met him, her world turned into something, something she found fascinating, risky, but erotic and sinful nevertheless. She experiences her first submission and that opened her eyes and mind to something fascinating and erotic yet scary and uncertain.

“He owns the air around him, and yours, too. He’s strikingly male, strikingly attractive, exuding raw masculine power. He is what I think we all secretly want to be: in control of everything we are and everything we might one day be. I’d do anything to know and understand who I truly am. And I think that tonight, that was exactly what I was looking for: me. I just didn’t realize it until I met him.”

I was enthralled by this short story, I was so excited when I learned the author would be writing Rebecca’s story. I felt that through the journals we were getting closer to Rebecca’s story yet, we weren’t able to savor and experience with her the fascinating world that her journals tried to explain. They were setting up the foundation to Sara’s story but we were also missing a lot of the intimacy and mystery that is now laid out in Rebecca’s story. I am looking forward to reading the second installment because I am extremely curious at about him, the man who started it all, the one we have yet to get to know.