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The Stranger

The Stranger - Kyra Davis **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog **

REVIEW: There is something poetic about this story, something that I can’t really pin point. I am not sure if it is the way the story is told, or the way the words flow. I just know that I was hooked.

I am usually in favor of stories that compel me to imagine things, scenarios, moments, gestures and people. Just One Night did that, the words as in poetry flowed nicely. The story though it has some flaws still pushed me to keep reading, I enjoyed its plot and how things started to develop and how things started to get complicated. I like complications because that certainly gives the story an edge.

Just One Night is the story of Kasie Fitzgerald & Robert Dade. These two characters live a completely different life, Kasie a costume to her calm, calculated and tranquil life style while craving more than the security her current boyfriend gives her. Kasie is an intelligent and capable business woman. She graduated from one of the best Ivy League schools in the US (Harvard) and has a job that many would kill to have. She lives a normal life, but after a trip to Las Vegas the world in which she was so at ease and comfortable changes the night she chose to sleep with a stranger. The story starts as Kasie takes a trip to Sin City with her friend Simone, knowing that her days as a single woman are coming to an end she decides to takes her friends’ advice to splurge a little and do something totally radical and reckless. She never considered to give herself away to a total stranger, to do something so sinful yet so enjoyable. The only problems is, that after meeting this stranger and follow her friend’s suggestion Kasia finds herself wanting and craving things she never thought or even considered before. The reckless, sinful and unimaginable night she spent with Robert Dade rocked her world and changed her life completely.

Robert Dade is the CEO of one of the most powerful security companies in the US, he is sexy, devilish, passionate and totally delicious. He met Kasia while playing cards at the casino, and while he didn’t think much of it, he allowed her allure and beauty charm him. He knew there was more to her than the sexy dress she was wearing. Though she was dressed to impress he knew that under the make up, the sexy dress and seductive yet shy personality was a woman he craved to posses. Think of Robert Dade as a combination of Christian Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey), Ethan Blackstone (The Blackstone Affair) & Chris Merit (Inside Out Trilogy). He is handsome, mature, rich and sinfully delicious. Robert Dade knows how to make a woman scream and moan, his ability to bring Kasia to an orgasm is as easy as closing a business deal, perhaps it is her need and constant state of arousal or just Robert’s gifted hands. All I know is that some of the scenes had me wanting to jump my husband right on the spot.

Though the story in a way tries to justify cheating, I put my personal prejudices aside on the subject and open my mind to the reasons why the character felt compelled to do so. I like Kasia because I know many women could perhaps relate to her conflicts and desires, however I was also taken aback by her immaturity and need to hide her feelings. Out of respect to her boyfriend, out of fear? I don’t know. Though the story only goes as far as showing Kasia’s hidden desires and needs as a woman, I was looking forward on getting more details about her background, family, and her relationship with Dave, perhaps we get more insight on book #2.

I feel that Robert’s character was a bit more developed than Kasia’s was, and I hate to take sides but I like him more than I liked Kasia. I think because his character showed more control and maturity than Kasia did. The story has heat, has a good plot and suspense. Readers should be ready for its end, major surprise there. What this books offers, hot sex, smart and delicious male character, smart and confident female and a love triangle that will leave you guessing. What happens in Vegas may come back to hunt you!