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The Gift

The Gift - Tiffany Reisz **Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog

REVIEW: The Gift (Seven Day Loan) as every other book written by Tiffany Reisz is a well written story. In this short story we are given a glimpse into the world Nora lived before becoming the woman she is today. Even when this story is so short Reisz manages to brings us a story filled with strong feelings, loss, love, desire and kinks.

Don’t let the number of pages persuade you away from reading The Gift, this book in itself has a great background about the first years in Nora’s life as a submissive. Her early desires, her irreverent behavior and smart-ass mouth that always keep getting her in trouble. This is also the story of Daniel, a Dom who lost his wife Maggie to cancer. For over 3 years he lives secluded in his own world and it only takes Nora a week to bring him out of cloud, solace and lonely life that he has lived since his beloved submissive/wife died. Nora awakens Daniel’s passion via a common interest for books and kinky sex. In this story we get to see the early years into Nora’s love for Soren, her devotion and trust. But we also get to see a more vulnerable woman who can be easily possessed but never deter away from the man she loves. I wish we could see more of Daniel in the future. He is such a mystery, it looks like he has as much passion and love as he is kinky.

I like everything Tiffany Reisz writes, the woman has a talent that can’t be measure nor compare to other writers. If you are new to the Original Sinners series I recommend you read this book after you have read The Angel.