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Take Me Home, Cowboy

Take Me Home, Cowboy - Krista Ames **Originally Posted @ SinfulReads Blog

REVIEW: I have always kept my liking for cowboy a secret but I will no more. This western romance erotica just amplified my liking for men in boots, wrangler jeans and cowboy hats. Take Me Home, Cowboy is a very romantic and erotic read that will leave you gasping for more.

Ally Kincaid is a southern belle with a hint of city girl after having moved to NYC for work. There, she has established a life and a really good job. After a number of bad relationships Ally decides to just forget about men and the complications that comes with having one. I like Ally a lot, she is a strong woman, with strong personality and a big heart. It is easy to identify with her, she loves her father and love her roots and hasn’t forgotten where she came from. I think her character is exactly what I would picture a southern belle to be, sweet, beautiful and smart. After a few bad relationships, Ally doesn’t think there is a man out there for her. That’s until she meets her the new employee in her father’s farm, a man who was not only rude to her on the phone but whose accent had an immediate effect on her, making her body tingle and sizzle and her mind roll with the possibilities.

Matt Gentry is the sexy cowboy we all wish we had. He is sexy, with a sexy accent and a body that could make any woman sizzle from desire. I really really liked his character. He is sweet, a total gentleman and a sexual specimen. I have always been a secret admirer of hot cowboys, the tight jeans, the boots, the hat and the funky accent can make any woman melt and Matt isn’t the exception. I am in love with his character. His interaction with Ally and his desire for her is what makes this ready steamy. I like the drama behind his character, his past and sad story brings the necessary balance to this steamy read. Ally past experiences make anyone a believer that destiny always has something for everyone. Matt and Ally are perfect together, their interaction, the sex and their desire makes them a lovely couple. Love at first sight may not come for everyone but for Matt and Ally it was instant. I recommend this read, it is short but sweet, great character and steamy sex. I like that combination.