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Consequences - Aleatha Romig *** Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog*** -- Giveaway via blog!

REVIEW:I received Consequences as a gift from the author, I was thrilled to get it because the book came highly recommended by a fellow blogger Michelle @MsRomanticReads. She told me “You have to read this book,” and I said well with a recommendation like that who would say no.

I started reading it expecting to find another Fifty Shades story, but boy was I wrong. I can’t even begin to put it into words how this book made me feel. The story was captivating and emotional. I don’t always find a book that rattles me and affect me as much as this book did, I felt connected to the characters, I felt their pain, their anguish their love and desire. It was a connection of high proportions. My connection to the story was not in a personal level but at a level in which the reader and the story as well as the characters become one. I was absorbed, enthralled and smitten by the characters, their dialog, their discoveries and their awakening.

“Claire, I’m sorry.” She looked up at his eyes, they glistened light brown. “You are sorry? Why are you sorry?” His tone was remorseful and sincere. “I am sorry for your accident.” She didn’t respond and looked away from his eyes.

If you are looking for a sappy, teenage oriented love story do not read Consequences. There is nothing Twilight or Fifty Shades about Consequences, the reader can expect to be blown away by the intensity and drama that can be found in each of these pages. Their ordeal and their emotions felt real, comparable to everyday stories and at times it felt incredibly overwhelming. I developed a headache and at times I felt anger. Consequences is a total mind fuck, you can’t help but feel attracted to Anthony Rawlings. What can readers expect from Consequences? Readers can expect to find an extremely sexy and wealthy man, with control issues, with an amazing mind and highly intelligent, with an ability to manipulate others and be as insufferable and sexy as the devil himself. A man with a dark past and a desire for domination and a need for appearances. Readers will also find a beautiful young woman with a love for life and everything nature. She is also a woman who has a big heart who has big dreams, she is also someone who isn’t afraid to forgive but who will soon learn to never forget.

These two characters have a lot of history, both of their past was painful. One suffered shame and the other suffered loss. Tony a rich man whose past was in a way affected by Claire. And while she didn’t have anything to do with the consequences of others actions directly or directly, her family certainly did. Claire didn’t know Tony until he showed up at the bar where she worked. I admit that while I felt compelled to hate Tony his machinations and lies were nicely crafted, I couldn’t help but admire the way he manipulated Claire and everyone around him.

“I want you to make me a promise.” Claire raised her eyebrows. “A promise, that you will do your best to follow my rules. That you will do your best – to never give me cause to hurt you again.” “Tony, I promise I will do my best to make you proud. And I accept your apology. You don’t need to keep apologizing.” Looking at his expression she read a mixture of emotions: gratitude, adoration, and relief.

This is an amazing story. The plot will keep you glue to the pages, you will wonder what in the world is going to happen next, what will be the next trigger, what will be the next consequence and how much psychological torment can a person take. There were times when I wanted to slap Anthony and times when I wanted to jump him. There were times when I wanted to slap Claire and shake her a few times. When you find a book that brings out all those types of emotions you know you have found a winner and you can’t help but hold that book and author dearly.

“Have I told you how much I like the highlights in your hair?” She shook her head no. He lightly stroked her hair. “I think you are amazing. You are so strong and resilient. I don’t deserve your forgiveness for what I did, but you deserve to hear me ask for it.” She didn’t want to look at him. Her emotions were too raw. She wanted to forgive him.

I can go about for hours but I think YOU, the reader to appreciate the many reviews and the good things said about this book, you MUST and I emphasize you MUST read this book. Do not expect Christian Grey because Anthony Rawlings can’t be compare, he is a character who has no comparison. There is not another man, no other business man and no other husband like Antony Rawlings. Just know that you will need to be ready, mentally and emotionally because the consequence of reading Consequences will leave you baffled and shaken.

I want to thank author Aleatha Romig for writing such an amazing story. You have given me not only an awesome gift (an eBook copy of the book) but you have opened my eyes to a whole new level of amazing characters and story telling. You are a gifted author, please keep writing. I find myself debating if I should read book 2 “Truth” right away or wait, but as I stated on my Facebook page I am not sure I can handle the HEART-WRENCHING emotions I found myself feeling after reading this book. I am not used to that…Damn you Anthony Rawlings!