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Claim Me - J. Kenner **Originally posted at SinfulReads Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5

REVIEW: You see, when you read books as explosive and as dramatic as Claim Me one can’t help but wonder if there is anything left from the characters and the story that haven’t been exploit, I mean what else is there? the drama came to a tipping point and the sex, the sex can’t get any hotter. Well, thank god for writers like J. Kenner, she is able to create drama and keep up all levels of excitement. I was border line crazy with anticipation. She can also make the sex hotter…what really hotter? Yes hotter.

Claim Me is book 2 in the Stark Trilogy and perhaps the tipping point in the story. We have become a lot more aware of what’s behind the hot, educated and very powerful Damien Stark. The whole new set of obstacles and discovered drama has given this story a whole new spin and a twist that was totally unexpected. I can’t help but love every page of it. I enjoyed how much more both characters have mature, not only are both able to understand their weaknesses, but they are also using that as the foundation to their new-found strength. Though their arrangement is over, their attraction and feelings are past that, they have understood that there was a lot more to their relationship than a contract for a million dollars, and that the painting was just a way to bring them closer.

This story is getting hotter and better, now that Damien and Nikki are growing stronger their relationship is put to the test, I think that both characters will be able to take sides on how they will manage it and how they will face the new drama that is developing. I think J. Kenner did a marvelous job developing the plot and extending the mystery behind Damien Stark’s past. Though I think Nikki can be a bit childish at times, her dependency of Damien is at times unnerving. I like her character, I do, but I think I would’ve prefer a more strong and independent Nikki. Her needs and desires seem to cloud her ability to think and act at times when her decision and maturity are most important. I think Nikki as a character is fantastic, though she hasn’t allowed herself to heal by looking for help, she has managed to control her urges even when at times the pressure is too much. I like how well she has become to understand herself, her inability to take stressful situations can be turn into painful passion and pleasure. I think both Damien & Nikki have found on each other what they need. The line between pleasure, pain & masochism is nicely explored. I think J.Kenner did a great job exploiting it.

I loved Claim Me, I think it is a fantastic story and one that only keeps getting better. Be ready to experience hot sex at is best, and the candid pleasure of pain. I am looking forward to book 3 because I can’t wait to experience the roller-coaster of emotions and hot sex flowing between Damien & Nikki. This story has it all, betrayal, drama, suspense and a touch of Hollywood!