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The Girl in 6E

The Girl in 6E - Alessandra Torre *** Originally posted @ SinfulReads Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5 ***

REVIEW: Let me start with this, this is not your typical Erotica Romance story. The Girl in 6E is an erotic & steamy thriller that will keep you entertained while giving you a glimpse into the world of cyber sex, cam shows and flirtatious pay off. The plot is dark, sensual and at times disturbing. For some it may not be considered romantic, however it has all the elements to make it so.

“She had transformed before his eyes. The wild, crazed look was gone, replaced with a sexual potency of the Jenna Jameson variety. She was thrusting beneath him, grinding her bare sex into him, driving his cock wild with need. Her eyes closing, head thrown back, small moans escaping from her, blissful sweet sounds that pulled him deeper into this insane rabbit hole. She reached out her hands, grabbing his shirt and tugging, softly, then harder when he did not respond.”

Readers will find in these pages a story that will touch your heart while keeping you at the edge of your seat. This is a well researched and crafted story that explores the world of online sex, cam shows and sexual crime. Though most will not consider reading something as dark, it is however one of those few books I have read in which the subject explored is crafted in a way that does not offend.

The plot isn’t entirely based on the latter, but about the life of the young woman whose life revolves around sex, online flirtations and cam shows that bring her more than sexual satisfaction. After experiencing a terrifying event when she was just a girl, DeAnna a.k.a Jessica has grown with dark desires and urges that force her to live a sheltered life filled with pain and loneliness. While she isn’t your typical “christian” girl she was brought up as such, making the story even more interesting. DeAnna is quite popular in the online sex world, she is hot, sexual adventurous and as her character states, always horny. Her clients come in all types, doctors, lawyers, criminals, but she doesn’t differentiate as long as you pay.

“My first session was a disaster, awkward dialogue followed by a lot of nervous giggling on my part. I looked awkward on camera, arching my body into odd angles, my limbs uncoordinatedly moving in ways they shouldn’t, my own vagina scaring the crap out of me when displayed on screen. But things eventually clicked, with patient clients holding my virtual hand until I became the virginal internet vixen I am today. But, am I still a virgin? What is the technical definition? if I’ve had a 7-inch dildo inside of me, is that any different from a real cock?”

DeAnna is broken, her desires are more than sexual, she hides and keep a secret buried in her heart and locked behind the doors of her apartment. While DeAnna tries to understand and fight her aberration and dark desires, she finds love in the form or a sexy delivery man. I liked DeAnna, though her attitude at times was erratic and crazy, I completely understood her concerns and inability to allow herself to love and be loved.

For many of us, this world is unknown and dark while for others is a life style and at times a source of income.This book gives us a glimpse into a world that is perceived as shameful and forbidden by some but a scape and a sexual paradise for others. The Girl in 6E explores the dark side of this world, and it also brings out some questions. What is the moral responsibility of the person behind the camera the moment she/he finds out a crime could be committed based on conversations and dark sexual desires expressed and exploit by a client. Would you interfere, would you ignore it?

“He clears the hurdle that is my resistance with the first touch of his lips. My body melts, forgetting everything but the feel of his hand on my neck, gripping my hair and pulling my mouth tight on his – his mouth taking everything in smooth, perfect movements of his mouth. He disorient my world, captures my spirit, and heals a little of my soul, all in the course of seconds – my mouth responding to his, my hands releasing my bag and traveling into his hair, greedily pulling and grasping, unable to get enough.”

I recommend this book if you are looking for a darker side of Erotica, one that will make your heart beat harder, make you hot from the steamy scenes and sexual tension and one that will make you appreciate the UPS guy a lot more. Some of the scenes are explosive, descriptive and melting hot, while other are heart wrenching and disturbing. This story has sex, love, heart wrenching situations and paranoia like moments that will make you gasp and ask for more. This is a great story.