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MacRieve - Kresley Cole **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog

REVIEW: When I come across a series I am usually skeptical because more often than not series can drag on forever and the stories and characters start to take a toll. The IAD series just keeps getting better. I have been hooked from the moment I read the first book in the series A Hunger Like No Other. MacRieve was perhaps one of the most anticipated books in the series and one I am happy to have read. The MacRieve brothers have been some of the hottest of the series/lore and by hot I mean dominating in sex-appeal among the other species (vampires & demons). Very few authors are able to write a prologue like Cole, the deep and sad details of MacRieves childhood was heartbreaking. The details and the reasons why allow the readers to sympathize with him without viewing him as weak.

MacRieve is the story of Uilleam, the Lykae whose life was marked at a very young age and who has been dragging a pain so deep that not even centuries have been able to erased. I love this story for so many reasons, not only do we get to see a very hot and lusty lykae but also a man whose past has come back to hunt him and in the worse way possible. MacRieve believed to have found his mate at a very young age, an age when he didn't understand the difference between love and lust and when he wasn't able to understand the very dangerous ways in which members of the lore would be able to hurt. I liked the way the author brought us the whole story about MacRieve and how his past made him a dangerous man, a man who is equally feared and desired in the lore. His desire for killing are as strong as the beast he keeps trying to control.

Kresley Cole knows how to write sexy, lustful stories that bring readers to their knees. She gives us alpha males who fight for their female fated while struggling to accept that their hearts no longer belong to them. Uilleam MacRieve was one of those characters who was capture by The Order and who suffered the horrors, the nightmares brought back every aspect the tortures he suffered during his captivity. MacRieve is utterly and surprisingly sexy. There is plenty about MacRieve's story and Chloe, the moment when McRieve finds out who his mate is and how he handles things is a times funny and frustrating. The way in which Chloe handles her situation with MacRieve to the moment she accepts her fate is surprising. This story unlike many others in the series does not involved a lot of action or fighting but that doesn't take away from being exhilarating.

Kresley Cole has proven to be one of the kind author, one who isn't afraid to push boundaries and mix angst, passion, love and lust. The Immortal After Dark is one of the hottest series in Paranormal, if you haven't started you are missing out, if you are yet to read MacRieve don't wait any longer. The next book in the series promises a treat.