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The Last Boyfriend

The Last Boyfriend - J.S. Cooper **Originally Posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog

REVIEW: The Last Boyfriend is the first book I read by J.S. Cooper. When this book come out I went ahead and purchased it and I totally forgot to read it, I regret not reading it sooner.

This is one of those stories one can easily relate to. The plot plays around two very different characters. While one lives in the Hollywood hills in a mansion and driving expensive cars, the other lives with roommates, drives a car that hardly runs. Both are in different social status and very different mind set. Zane is rich and good looking, dating a different girl every week. While Lucky a sexy college student who works for a living (more like live for work) and can hardly make week’s end. Zane believe loves only brings pain, while Lucky believes love is the only cure for a broken heart. His heart can’t be easily mended after the death of his brother but Lucky thinks that love cures it all.

This is a fast pace story that shows us how unexpected and easily is to fall in-love. Zane is the type of character that stays in your mind after you are finished reading the book. Lucky almost represent the life of many women these days. Hard worker, with a list of dos and don’t and a dream to find the one. The chemistry between these two character is great and dreamy, they both push forward and let their desires dictate the next step, however their feelings push them apart.

The Last Boyfriend is perhaps in the mind of every girl who wishes to find the one who will sweep us off our feet and will give us a happily ever after. J.S. Cooper did a great job bringing us a story with deep desires and situations that makes us want, desire and crave. Zane is the guy who mom’s warns us about, but the one we crave to have. I enjoyed how well the two characters interacted, their flirting and the sexual tension gave the story the necessary steam to make it fun.

Lucky is smart , funny and very likeable. The only complain I have about her is her inability to stop Zane’s manipulations but I like that she is forward and isn’t afraid to take the initiative. I think a strong woman who isn’t afraid to approach a man is a hero in my book. Lucky wasn’t afraid to take charge and show Zane that love isn’t something to be afraid of, it is something that can help him heal his wounded heart.

Overall, this is a great start to a really steamy and romantic series. I am looking forward to reading The Last Husband (already out). I really want to see how Lucky & Zane moved onto the next stage of a committed relationship. I can’t help but also look forward to their sexual encounters, they were hot and quite sexy!