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Lover, Divine

Lover, Divine - A. Star, Diantha Jones **Originally posted @ ReadingDiva's Blog

REVIEW: Lover, Devine is a nice and sweet romance-mythology novel in modern days where Apollo the God of The Sun has come down from Mythos to claim the mortal who will bare his children. I am a big fan of Greek Mythology I am also a fan of authors who are capable of mixing modern society with ancient cultures & myth. Lover, Devine is the first book of the Mythos: Gods and Lovers Series by A. Star.

The Plot

The plot revolves around Apollo and his visit to Earth to complete a contract that has been pre-determined by Fate. There is also a certain prophecy that at this point isn’t well established. Apollo has come to earth after observing the young Siobhan Law, a very talented musician who is part of a very distinguished, special and privilege line of families who are the safe keeping of earth. They are the middleman between the Gods and Earth dealings. Siobhan is a virgin, one that is carefully guarded by her father and one who is considered a prize. The idea of a god choosing you to be the mother of his offspring should be a honored but Siobhan doesn’t think so. There isn’t anything significant in the story, it moves slowly and it doesn’t necessarily deliver the wow factor I have come to expect from Greek Mythology. There isn’t much action aside one specific instance when there is a confrontation between the good and the bad side (Ares & Apollo).

The Characters

Siobhan Law is smart, talented and beautiful. She loves music, she is a good friend and she has been an exemplary daughter. The author has given us a pretty perfect character, there isn’t anything wrong with her, she is loved and cherish by her friends and family. Apollo on the other hand felt flat, I expected to be blown away, and I was not. His character was predictable and at times annoying. When it comes to characters I will always preferred them flawed. With faults and indecision, with stubborn personalities, with strong demeanor , conflicting and dynamic. Siobham was just too perfect for me.

Overall, Lover, Devine was nice and sweet but it didn’t deliver the WOW factor I expected to find in this Mythology-Romance novel. I am adding A. Star to my authors to watch, I think this series has potential I just would like to see a more romance, more drama and controversy, after all Olympus and its gods can bring tons of drama to any story.