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Crave The Night - Lara Adrian **Originally Posted at ReadingDiva's Blog - Rating 4.5 of 5 **

REVIEW: would love to live in Lara Adrian’s head for a day…OK make that a year. Her ability to creating engaging, sexy, alpha males is unparalleled. The world of the Breed is fascinating and now that we have been introduced to another race (Atlantean) I can’t wait to read what’s next. In this installment of the Midnight Breed series we learn more about the once young soldier/assassin who was raised to kill and serve without questioning reason or purpose. Now that man is strong minded, strong willed, independent & free. Nathan is all about justice.

I liked Nathan from the moment he was introduced, his sad and painful upbringing give us the necessary background and foundation needed to set the mood in the story and in the reader’s mind. I like very much how Lara Adrian brings us a mature and interesting Nathan. His past and nature forced him to do despicable things, but he didn’t allow the past dictate and determine his future.

Nathan is all grown up, he is not longer scared or obligated to kill. This character is all around alpha, so be ready because it is certain you will be left gasping for more. He is not just a hunter, he is a man with a mission and his mission just became personal the moment Jordana was put in danger. We get to see a very conflicted man, his sense of duty rebels against all that makes him a man, he fights the urge to maintain his position as the leader of an strategic and lethal team of fighters and his urge to run to Jordana and make her his. The interaction between these characters is steamy, they fight a nature that seems to pull them closer together even when knowing all to be a deadly mistake. He is rough around the edges, passionate, dark and oh so very sexy.

The most appealing thing about Nathan & Jordana is how their nature & very distinctive and strong personalities make them very compatible. Both characters have an unique voice, giving the story the necessary spin and spice to make Crave The Night a page turner.

After all we have seen the Breed race go through, their future has just started, the many obstacles they face not just against humans but against another otherworldly race is fascinating and it gives the series the necessary spin to make it a hit. Jordana is very likeable, she is inexperience but she is hardly the damsel in distressed. She is smart, independent and strong. She has all the qualities we like to see in female characters without becoming obnoxious, or irrelevant.

The plot follows the same pattern as previous books, good vs evil. However, the fight of good vs evil doesn’t make the book any less interesting, or repetitive, on the contrary, the new enemy to the breed (Atlantean) brings us a more interesting aspect of what these characters must face now. This book has set a precedent for what’s to come for the breed. The new obstacle, a strong and hardly known race that will test the breed strengths, intelligence and loyalties.

Readers can expect steamy and well written and detailed love scenes, questionable loyalties and sacrifices in the name of love. If you think you can’t get enough, I suggest you add Crave The Night to your reading pile, you will not regret it.