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Review: The Saint

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REVIEW: Captivating, rebellious, seductive & sinfully delicious! Again I am left speechless by the quality of Tiffany’s writing. There is a constant in her writing and stories and that is the quality and the deep and sinful way in which she brings these characters to life. The Saint is the first book in the spin off series (The White Years). In this new installment Reisz introduces us a very young Soren, a man whose desires and needs are all put to the test when he meets the young and irreverent Eleonor. The story gives us glimpses into the lives of the characters I have come to love so much, Soren, Nora & Kingsley, the three characters that have taken us in for a wild ride. It is difficult to meet a troubled Nora, a young woman who keeps fighting to find her way, her purpose and reason. I loved how her relationship with Soren started, her attitude, her teases, her apologies and her early acceptance of who she knew now owned her heart and love.

“You’ve been through so much in the past few months. Take all the time you need. But know I will miss you every moment until you come home to me.”
“I love you , sir.”

Soren is not different from the man we have learned so much about, the only difference is that he is younger. But his mysterious ways, his seductive presence are well detailed in this book. We also get to see him as a more approachable man, still respected and perhaps feared by those in the life style but more open and personal. I really enjoyed everything I learn about his early years. His teachings to Nora, his lessons and his punishments brought me to laughter more than once.

“Oh, holy fuck,” she whispered to herself. “Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore…”

Nora at any age is irreverent, inpatient, insolent and all around exciting and awesome. I love every aspect of this story. From the moment Soren meets Nora to the moment Nora is introduced to Kingsley, it all comes together to gives a story that tells and show us so much about these characters. Reisz manages to give us a different view of the years when Soren and Nora met and how she became such an important part of his life. It gives us a glimpse into Kingsley early years. The book is fantastic, it explores Nora early days when her life was in turmoil, when her reality was shaky until she was showed a better path. I love every sentence & page of this book. It gives us so much and it showed us how it all started. I can’t recommend it enough, buy it you will not regret it.

“There are three eternal truths about me you have to know, Nico,” she said. “I love Soren. I belong to Soren. And I will go back to Soren.”

This book is perfection in every sense, buy it, get to know these characters and be blown away by what we once thought to be taboo, by what we consider sacred, by what we know is sinful!

Source: http://sinfulreads.com/early-review-the-saint-the-original-sinners-white-years-by-tiffany-reisz